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TIP 1 When any client places an order or asks you about something about the project, first greet them, then reply politely with a satisfying answer. Try to convince him that you're the one he needs this is exactly the kind of project you love to do.

TIP 2 While creating the offer, you must explain in brief why it charges that much with respect to how much work is needed and how much effort you’re going to put into it. Don't negotiate to much as it will degrade your value.

TIP 3 Before interacting with the client, make sure you've already set up what and how to ask so that it will take minimal time for both. Don't message too often unless necessary. Fix 2-4 small time slots where both of you will be free to interact.

And never try to teach him something of his own domain. Suppose you're a Web Designer and your client is a Doctor who needs his website redesigned; don't get into the core concepts of graphics design with him - explain him in the simplest way possible.

TIP 4 You must keep updating the client about the process. You can make it once or twice a day by showing/saying how much work is done. If possible, invite him to the project as a guest viewer. You can also create a projects workflow with any app or checkboxes in a Google sheet.

TIP 5 Before delivering the final work, ask him twice if there's anything else he needs to be modified. You can offer him free revision upto 1-2 days after delivery. And just inform him if anything else needed on this project, you'll be there to help him out.

🎁 Bonus Make a thought experiment and imagine yourself as the client for the same project. Now I don't have to explain it to you as you'll get to know exactly what it needs to be done.

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