“omi…what’s this?” atsumu says as he’s pointing at a picture that’s hung on their wall. it’s a screenshot that was printed out of the first time atsumu and kiyoomi said “i love you” to each other through text. kiyoomi peaked his head from the bathroom and looked at the

picture “oh..that’s a screenshot of our first ‘i love you’ texts” atsumu sarcastically sighed “well i know that but what is it doin’ hangin’ here?” kiyoomi gave atsumu a small smile “so we can remember our first ‘i love you’s’ through text”

“awe omi 🥹” atsumu walked over to kiyoomi with his arms out “that’s so cute!” kiyoomi wrapped his arms around atsumu’s waist “i love you Miya atsumu” atsumu smiled “and i love you miya kiyoomi”

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