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Your client does not pay you $2k/month for you to just pick random formulas from the internet to use for the headline of their copy There is a more effective way to write headlines and I'm going to show you how in less than five minutes // THREAD //

Don't get me wrong. I didn't say not to use any headline formulas. Sometimes they work. most times they don't. It's better if you use this method I'm about to show you.

It takes a lot of work but it's worth it at the end of the day cause if you get your headline wrong every other thing that comes after becomes useless This method will guarantee you more success at hooking your readers.

Much more success than random formulas pulled out from the internet. I know this because it has been tested and tried by copywriting legends and even Eugene Schwartz wrote about it in his book. "Breakthrough Advertising".

I use it everytime and it always works for me and now I'm going to break the entire process down for you. If you are ready to sit down for hours to write 7-12 words that will make or break your entire copy then let's go…

Remember those formulas I talked about? An example can be "The…….. Way to………." For this thread you're selling a guide that teaches people how to make money from Twitter. Using this formula your headline could be "The easy way to grow and make money from Twitter"

Now let's use my method to generate a headline for the same purpose What does "my method" involve exactly Research. Lots of it. Did I scare you? I hope notπŸ˜… My research is broken into three steps..

- Finding the main desire of the market - Finding the market sophistication - Finding the market awareness Once you have these 3 results you'll be able to write the perfect headline. And even more you can use these results to write the remaining part of your sales page.

FINDING THE MAIN DESIRE The first thing you want to find out is what your audience desire the most. Then find out the desire behind that desire. Your first job is to dig out that innermost desire You're selling a Twitter guide. Your audience wants to grow on Twitter.

Why do they want to grow on Twitter? So that they can monetize their audience. Why do they want to monetize their audience? So they can make moneyπŸ˜• Why do they want to make money?

So they can travel the world without cashflow issues or having to worry about their crappy 9-5. Why do they want to travel the world? So they can post pics here on Twitter and become one of the OG's of the famous "Money Twitter"

Now that's something we can use, don't you agree? First problem solved. Up Next : MARKET SOPHISTICATION This tells you how many products have been in the market before yours.

In our case how many guides that promise to help people make money from Twitter have they seen or bought If you're on Twitter you would know that it's a lot. You're not the first or the second or even the fifteenth πŸ˜…

This market is highly sophisticated which means "The easy way to grow and make money from Twitter" won't work now, would it? Why? Because you're not the first person that has promised them that same thing.

They might have even bought a couple of those "guides" and gotten zero results They still want to make money from Twitter but they no longer believe everyone that says their "book" will help them. Using the same direct claim would be shooting yourself in the foot

What do you now do? It's simple. Say something new (don't lie) Instead of saying what your product will do focus more on how your product will do it. Say something new.

MARKET AWARENESS This tells you how much your target audience knows their need and about your product. Your target audience know very well that they want to make money from Twitter.

They are aware of that but at this point they just don't see how your product is going to help them make money from Twitter so you need to show them You need to show your audience the relation between your product and their need(s). How to do this?

- Mention the need in your headline - Prove how badly they want that need solved - Present your product as the solution. Voila!!! Now that we have these results we can now write our headline. We know know what we have to do which is to write a headline that:

- Focuses on their innermost desire to become part of the elite group of money Twitter gurus - Shows them how much they need your product and presents your product as the solution - Comes across in a way that they've never heard before. Something new. We are almost done.

It's now time to get creative One of the best advice I've gotten about writing headlines is "Write 50 headlines and pick one" So your task now becomes writing something that contains all these three qualities above all while avoiding writing a full paragraph.

And they say copywriting is easy πŸ˜‚. Here are a few examples I came up with: - This new method of networking on Twitter is the only key you need to escape your crappy 9-5

- You could be posting pics of you under the Eiffel Tower in 6 months time if you follow all the information in this guide - 50k followers + $20k/month all from scrolling on Twitter? The secrets in this guide will show you how

Again these are random ideas that try to combine the three results we got. You have to keep writing down these ideas as they come to your head. With time you'll run out of trash headlines and start coming up with better ones.

You'll eventually hit gold before you write 50 of these. Trust me. This is the end of the thread and now I want to ask you for one thing. Don't dump this in your bookmarks. Go and implement. That's how to get better

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