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Few years ago I was an anon Twitter user who struggled to write a tweet. Today: 80k+ followers 7k+ email list 15k+/mth income DMs from CEOs who want to pay me $1000s to write for them Give me 4 minutes and I'll show you the exact steps I took so you can do the same. THREAD:

I opened my Twitter account in 2018 and stumbled upon a small group of people growing and making money tweeting. I kept scrolling and lurking until the end of 2019 when I finally said "enough is enough. I want a piece of the pie." But I made ONE mistake which cost me big $$$...

All the gurus told me to get engagement no matter what. So I tried all the tactics: - DMing and commenting like a desperate Ex - Rewriting other's cringe platitudes - Buying growth guides - RT groups Result? My followers and engagement went up. But my income?

Pathetic. -The odd $20 Gumroad affiliate sale -A few $1000 in course sales -The odd freelance deal But nothing consistent. I wanted to give up. I was told 10k followers was all I needed to hit 6 figs a year (I had 20k) Then reality hit me like a Mike Tyson haymaker....

I met a guy with 4.8k followers doing more than 20k/mo🤯 This sent me down a rabbit hole of rethinking, reworking and rebranding my entire approach to Twitter growth and monetisation. The big change: ⚡Writing different and much higher quality content.⚡ Here's what I mean:

We all know Twitter is a writing platform. The problem is everyone judges their success based on surface level criteria: - likes - retweets - follower count But if you want to make money, you should be judging your success on: - $ amount of sales per month ....

- # of high wealth/value people in your network - # of high wealth/value people who slide into your DMs - # of followers DMing you for help (proof of demand) - # of people who see you as an authority (brand presence) - etc And over the next 12 months I started to "get it"...

My income started to go up....

And I started to get higher value people in my DMs...

And as I started getting these crazy results, I saw as clear as day why everything I learned from Twitter gurus wasn't working. The tactic-driven way they were teaching Twitter growth was all wrong. And it was setting people up for failure.

They were so focused on designing sexy banners, going viral and writing more and more engagement-bait content that does NOTHING for your brand. It was all wrong and added MONTHS of wasted time and effort to my learning curve. And took me several more months to unlearn all of it

After my wild ride, I went back to the lab and wrote down all of the mistakes I made and what to do instead. I ended up with what I call the 5 step Limitless Growth System. The secret playbook to starting and growing a 6 figure Twitter brand.

I knew my limitless growth system worked. But maybe I got lucky? So I started showing a few people who wanted my help to overcome the same problems I was facing before my discovery. Here's how it went for them:

Meet Stee. He was an English teacher desperately wanting to quit his job and make money online so he could travel the world. After a few tweaks to his profile and content, he landed his first client:

Next, meet Anthony. Before we worked together, he had no online business experience and wanted to get into the fitness coaching space. I helped him write a few threads and he signed a new client and is on his way to building a full-time coaching biz.

My 5 step limitless growth system works for anyone looking to grow their audience and/or increase their income through Twitter. Even if you're a complete beginner, hate writing, struggle to crate content or aren't a "creative type".

That's all I have for you today but stay tuned because in the next few days I'm going to show you how you can get the exact same results as Stee and Anthony did. For now, please 1) RT the first tweet to spread the love 2) Follow @waronweakness to not miss the next post.

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