atsumu is often on the receiving end of marriage proposals from fans. a loud “atsumu marry me!” can always be heard from the audience and atsumu only laughs, pointing to his ring finger and asking, “where’s the ring?” kiyoomi can’t believe he’s jealous of their own fans.

when he confided this to cousin, motoya only said, “i’m not beyoncé but if you liked it, then you should’ve put a ring on it.” kiyoomi flips him off, thinking of ways to overcome this problem.

kiyoomi isn’t doing it to address his jealousy or to fulfill his ego. he’s sure that he wants to spend the rest of his life with atsumu, wake up to his drooling face in the morning, and sleep with his head tucked in kiyoomi’s chest. just the thought of it makes him smile.

he isn’t known for grand gestures and atsumu isn’t a fan of such, despite his love for attention, but what he’s about to do can be disguised as something simple. as atsumu is signing autographs, kiyoomi lines up with the fans and atsumu laughs upon seeing him.

“where should i put my signature on you, omi-kun?” atsumu teases, marker already uncapped. kiyoomi gets a piece of paper from the brown envelope he was holding, “here.” atsumu grabs the paper, jaw dropping because of the text at the top. it was a marriage contract.

the crowd moves back as kiyoomi drops on one knee and atsumu covers his mouth in shock when kiyoomi pulls out a velvet box from his pocket. “marry me, atsumu.” kiyoomi waits patiently for his answer. atsumu laughs and kiyoomi grows anxious. “it’s not a question, huh?”

atsumu looks around, amused to see how everyone is holding their breaths. the crowd goes wild as atsumu signs the contract before allowing kiyoomi to put the ring on his finger. then they kiss, kiyoomi making sure to use his tongue for good measure as the press surround then.

the team congratulates them, a lot of them expressing their surprise because of the timing. atsumu and kiyoomi, hands intertwined, face the audience and bow to them as thanks. “now stop proposing to my fiancé,” kiyoomi tells the fans, smiling smugly when atsumu pecks his cheek.

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