Porn will destroy your marriage 7 reasons to avoid the plague of pornography = THREAD =

1. Intimacy is sacrificed True intimacy involves being fully known and fully knowing another You cannot have true intimacy with your wife if you are looking at porn. You will reserve a part of your heart and soul for the fake world of pornography.

2. Real relationship is forsaken for an imitation In the 50s, Dr. Nikolaas Tinbergen found which markings and color patterns on a female butterfly were most irresistible to a male He made cardboard butterflies and decorated them with these exaggerated colorations and markings

What he found was astonishing. The male butterflies ignored the real female butterflies and obsessively tried to mate with the decoys. Porn is no more real than the cardboard butterflies, it is all built on a lie.

3. The true purpose of sex becomes twisted Sex is a gift for married couples as a means of experiencing physical pleasure together and as a way to experience the deepest, most profound intimacy with a spouse Unfortunately, pornography twists this true purpose of sex

Porn is self-centered and doesn’t require that husbands be lovers of their wives Arousal is immediate and gratification is instant It’s easy to pursue an air-brushed woman who acts like a nympho, never has a headache, needs no foreplay and requires no ongoing relationship

4. Porn offers easy, false fulfilment It is easier to grab your phone then it is to pursue intimacy with your wife. It is easier to selfishly fulfill your desires with no expectation of self-giving, self-sacrificing love for your spouse

5. True Passion is destroyed Great marital sex has little to do with technique, stamina, or experience Passion built up between two people in love is the highest physical form of intimacy Children, stress and busyness all take their toll on genuine passion Porn buries it

6. Ridiculous Expectations Porn is a $billion industry. It is entertainment performed by actors When your mind is full of the false images of porn, you take false expectations to the bedroom This leads to disappointment for the husband and a wife with wrecked self-esteem

7. Real sex becomes progressively less satisfying Addictions all work the same way. As they progress, you need more and intensified versions of your addiction. No matter how much is consumed, that satisfied feeling felt in the beginning can never be reached.

The marriage vow is sacred. It is deadly serious Pornography will destroy that vow and in turn destroy your marriage and eventually destroy you Do not let a porn addiction take hold. If you are already hooked find help.

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