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Why high performers should STOP intermittent fasting 🧵THREAD 🧵

For years, I was a huge advocate of IF. It helped me and countless clients drop body fat and get leaner. However, if you're a high performer (Founder, CEO, entrepreneur) it can do more harm than good to your body. In this thread, I'm going to explain why.

Firstly, what is Intermittent Fasting (IF)? IF is a dieting approach that involves cycling between windows of eating and not eating. These can range from 12 hours of eating + 12 hours of fasting to 1 hour of eating + 23 hours of fasting.

What happens inside your body while you IF? When you restrict food, your blood sugar drops and your adrenal glands release stress hormones to raise it back up. This has a negative impact on your liver which is crucial to the functioning of your body.

A healthy liver stores 150g of sugar. This is how much sugar your body needs to operate to do over 500 functions. When you restrict foods (skip a meal), you tap into your liver stores to release glucose into the blood to ensure your cells is getting the energy they need.

However, most people are in an energy deficit so you don’t have this glycogen ready to go in the liver. When you are restricting foods and your liver doesn’t have what it needs, that’s when you release cortisol which is the stress hormone.

Running a business is already highly stressful. You are putting out fires within the business, managing employees and making complex, high-level decisions every single day. You don’t need more stress hormones (cortisol) from restricting your food.

“But Our Ancestors Fasted” Yes, they did. But it was not chosen. They would eat 3+ meals a day if they could. They also did not have to deal with the modern-day level of stress. We are NOT our ancestors.

“But I Have More Energy When I Fast” It’s important to learn the difference between real raw energy coming from your cells, and forced energy coming from cortisol. When you’re eating a good diet, you’re taking in oxygen and glucose which will go into the cell...

... and start something called cellular respiration. Out of this will come ATP. This is what REAL energy looks like. Everything is being supported on a cellular level. When you are fasting, you are not making ATP, you are releasing cortisol which is increasing your HR and BP.

You are running off fight or flight energy which brings major fatigue to your adrenal hormones. Over time this can create dysregulation within your body and keep you constantly stuck in adrenal fatigue. This will make you more tired and zap you of your energy levels 24/7.

What to do instead? If you have been intermittent fasting for a while, you might have lost your appetite in the morning hours. This is a clear sign you have an impaired or slowed metabolism. You should always wake up hungry, within the first hour of waking.

Start by eating small meals, always focus on getting adequate protein paired with a simple carb. Never skip breakfast and have consistent meals or a snack every 3 hours. This will give you a consistent hit of energy, avoid destroying your adrenal gland and set you up to win.

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