#miyacestober2022 Day 27: Care & Pregnancy. They never thought it'll be possible. Male omegas were as fertile as the female ones. However, Atsumu had been diagnosed with a strange disease that made it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for him to get pregnant.

That's why Atsumu and Osamu never cared to take precautions. Even if they were siblings, the risk of pregnancy was practically impossible, so why bother on using a condom or pills? They had been fooling around since they were teens, to be honest, just some months after the—

doctor had told Atsumu he would probably never be able to have kids. And ever since, it had never happened anything out of plan. Or so they thought, until Atsumu's heat didn't come that month. It had never happened to Atsumu, so he became a bit worried. Especially when he—

also began to feel sick and be more sensitive than he had ever been before. None of them understood what could be happening. They had so internalized the fact that Atsumu was most likely infertile, that the thought that he might be pregnant didn't even cross their minds. Until

the doctor said so herself. Atsumu was pregnant. Of three weeks. To their astonishment, the woman explained that, even if the disease made it so complicated for Atsumu to conceive, it still wasn't impossible. Omegan anatomies were made to have pups so, even if his body wasn't—

that healthy when it came to this part of biology, it still worked as hard as it could to get fertilized. Especially, when his inner omega was feeling loved to the brim. It was his instinct, after all. And if Atsumu had found a mate that, not only was able to provide him a good—

life, but also give him all the love and attention he needed, then it wasn't that weird that he ended up pregnant. When the doctor said that, both twins grew a bit uncomfortable. They could never tell to anyone that Atsumu's mate was his brother. However, getting to know that—

Atsumu getting pregnant was possible because Osamu loved him so dearly, also made them feel warm and happy. And so there they were. 24 years old & expecting a baby. At first, Atsumu was a bit reticent about it, since that meant he'd have to lose a year of his volleyball career—

But, when they talked about what a pup could bring to them, he was convinced. And even if he could never get back his athletic career, it didn't really matter. Osamu would take care of both Atsumu and their kid. One night, six months already into the pregnancy, Atsumu laid on—

on the bed. His belly had grown so much and he was barely comfortable when moving around. Osamu had returned home late that night. The restaurant had had a week full of work and he only stayed at home for five hours, which were the ones he used to sleep. That had made Atsumu sad—

He knew his brother had work and couldn't leave the restaurant without a proper excuse, but he still felt disappointed. He wanted to be with his mate. He needed it. The pregnancy had turned him into such a dependent and needy person. He demanded all Osamu's attention and he—

cried every time he couldn't get it. It was torture. Atsumu felt so miserable and Osamu felt horribly for not being able to attend his mate the second it was necessary. But now, it wasn't important anymore. Osamu was home and he was going to have some days off work.

Two days, which he planned on spending with Atsumu, giving him all the love and attention he deserved. When he entered the bedroom, he found out his twin had made a nest. Full of Osamu's dirty clothes and some plushies they had kept from their childhood. He smiled with fondness—

and began to strip until he was in his underwear. He approached Atsumu and he let him in the nest as fast as he could. When Osamu was finally in, Atsumu was quick to burry himself into his brother's chest. He inhaled. "I've missed you…" Osamu hugged him closer and kissed—

the top of his head. One hand on his lower back, the other on Atsumu's mating mark. "Rest, Tsumu. I'm gonna take care of you now". ****************************************

Ok, soooo! I wanted to write a pregnancy OS, so here I am! And full of fluff hahahha I hope you liked it!! ❤️❤️

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