Here's a full strategy designed for beginner ICT students without making your head hurt! Doesn't require daily bias. Complete guide A-Z (With Pictures)⬇️

What is the strategy? It's simple... Liquidity + OB Usually we need to know what the daily bias is so that we know which liquidity levels are valid to play, but finding daily bias can be tough for new traders, so we are getting rid of it for this strat specifically.

So let's start with some basic rules we want to set in place! - Only trading 1 pair/indices (We will be using ES) - Only allowed to place trades from 9:30am to 11:59am EST - Risking MAX 1% of account per play (.5% is ideal)

Now let's finally get started! Step 1: Find a daily, 1h, or 15m low/high, these will be your liquidity levels

Step 2: Once buy-side liquidity is purged, wait for price to confirm below the last green candle on the 5m timeframe (Vice versa for sell-side liquidity)

Step 3: Wait for price to enter back into the highest green upclose candle which will be your OB, enter your trade at the body of the OB candle with stop loss at the end of the OB

Step 4: Have your TP at the next 15m or 1h low/high

Now the specialty in this strategy is that it offers a great RR per trade, usually around 3RR on average. So that means for every 12 trades you take, you only need to have 4 winners to be profitable, meaning you can allow yourself to take 9 losses just to be breakeven.

Now this is a realistic goal without a daily bias, now imagine once you learn which liquidity levels are valid and your able to win 6 trades out of 12, that's an 18% gain or $18,000 gain on a 100k account if your only risking 1% of your account with a minimum of 3RR per winner!

A lot of you may not have a 100k lying around but there are companies that can fund you 100k for as low as a $50 fee if you pass their 1 phase evaluation process!

Here is the company I use, they also allow you to place trades directly from tradingview! They are currently running 65% off deal for halloween so don't miss out on this oppurtunity!

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