The Kill Switch Trader🇮🇳

The Kill Switch Trader🇮🇳



🎯Maximum Profit Strategy 🎯Bollinger Band Strategy Courtesy - Subhasis Pani (Power of Stock) Like 5 EMA Strategy In this Setup also, SL Hit frequently, But RR is more in this setup. Profits are Huge. It is a Intraday, Positional (Sell or Buy) Or Investing Strategy. A 🧵

Accuracy of this Setup : 60% & more. Remember to take your SL. because whenever it gives profit, it is huge. So We should not be feel low when our SL hit. We can make big when it will works in our direction.

Indicator needed= Bollinger Band, Standard deviation = 1.5 instead of 2, Remaining Setting will be Same. Price generally moves between Bollinger band Area But Sometimes Candle moves, upward or downward fast, that means there is a deviation happens between price & BB.

Now as per mean rule price should come under BB. That's the main principle of this setup. Setup, TF- 15 Min Alert Candle-1 Candle Should close outside the BB Area. Colour doesn't matter. Candle Low or High shouldn't touch the BB Band. This type of Candle is Called Alert Candle.

For Long Entry: Alert Candle Should be made outside LOWER BB. Now, Take entry once the Alert Candle High Is broken. SL= Alert Candle Low. For Short Entry: Alert Candle Should be made outside Upper BB. Now, Take entry once the Alert Candle Low Is broken. SL= Alert Candle High.

For Investing Set your charts on weekly TF. Change the standard deviation to 1.5 from 2.

If SL is too huge just ignore the trade or reduce your position size. If Like This setup, Here's another one. The 5 EMA Strategy. But Remember No Setup or Strategy, will works Every time. Practice at least 6 month, You will become Master In that setup.

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