Igor Sushko

Igor Sushko



🚨#Dagestan: People have demanded that Putin's fascist regime release all arrested protesters. They set a 1-hour deadline from 10:09PM local time, and said they will start setting everything on fire if the demand is not met. Current time 10:34PM.

There's more: "All who are from Moscow and St. Petersburg if ours here are not released I will give you an EXTRAORDINARY MESSAGE! I will contact you in an hour!!! Do not sleep!!! There is a surprise for you!!!!"

"Moscow and Peter begin to prepare, but wait for the signal! Wear goggles and masks and leave your phones at home. Take matches and buy lighter fluid in supermarkets and wait for the signal. We have common thoughts and common goals!"

"We are receiving info that they are being released, but there is no confirmation as FSB bots are conducting an attack (on Telegram) and we can't access the messages. We've decided to give another hour! No more extensions! In sha Allah!"

"Waiting. Get ready! These 150 Lions and Lionesses will cost you dearly, In sha Allah!"

Home of one of the operators of a different Telegram channel "Dagestani Basement" with 49K subscribers who was also collecting information & locations of jailed protesters is being raided by Putin's fascist enforcers right now.

"Appeal to all citizens of Russia, all sober and sensible! Tonight, watch this channel! Especially in villages with railroads!"

"Moscow, the whole of Russia, and of course Dagestan are waiting for my team! Only 30 minutes to go."

Putin's head of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov has been summoned "to the carpet" in Moscow.

"Confirmed 10 released! But we need all of them!!!! You have 5 minutes."

"Bismillah Rahmani Rahim. Allah as witness we didn't mean it, but once again I forgot that you (Putin regime) are stupid and there are none among you who know how to think. Today you let ten people go, not all of them, as we demanded, so;"

"Let's go out and leave our phones, be careful not to get caught by the cameras, put on baseball caps and start acting in Dagestan and all of Russia! Let's go! (they wrote this phrase in English) May Allah protect and keep you safe. Amin!"

"Moscow and Peter - you have the most difficult task! Full of cameras! Do not undertake anything (tonight) - nothing! You are good today, first we will think of a win-win variant in terms of security and tomorrow at 15:00 I will make specially for you an awesome variant!"

"We have common goals in this work with you - to stop the mobilization, and we'll stop it! Absolutely! Tomorrow at 15:00, a special for you!"

"The rest of Russia - all the villages with railroads - come on! Let's stop the mobilization! And think about your safety!"

Alleged testimony from a protester in Dagestan from today includes: - They broke 3 cops' jaws - There were Putin enforcers in plainclothes who beat women with fists and pepper-sprayed the victims directly in their eyes.

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