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220331 Jungkook on IG 🐰I’m so bored.

👤Did you wake up early?Or haven’t slept yet?? 🐰I WOKE UP AT 7 A.M.

👤Please say a word in spanish. Greetings from Argentina 🇦🇷💜 🐰HOLA!


🐰lets play…(*written cutely)

👤Hello, hey, how are you doing today/spending the day today (: 🐰this is how i’ve been doing/spending the day

👤hmm..what’s today’s tmi?? 🐰today’s tmi..uhh..it’s so hot and i’m bored and…ah is it not a tmi that i’m bored?? Ahh..

👤what are you going to do today? 🐰today..what am i going to do?today i couldn’t think of anything i wanted to do in particular, so i came here again. Today [my] energy is a little/slightly low energy..

👤afternoon(day) vs night 🐰for me..i like night

👤oppa what are you doing?? 🐰yeah/right. Lets do that. Lets do balance game, balance game. Please throw me some questions. I’m bored!!

👤Let’s play the balance game.

👤not be able to work out for 1 month vs not be able to sing for 1 month 🐰ah still, since i’m a singer…heh..not be able to work out for 1 month

👤sweet vs spicy 🐰sweeet

👤soju vs beer 🐰for me, i like beer more

👤choco(late) vs vanilla 🐰this is so hard. This..ha..i think i like vanilla more

👤sunrise or sunset?? 🐰for sunrise..because i can’t see it even if i want to see it, i’ll go with sunset

👤right now, fire and ice fight 🐰for me..(eng) ice! (Kor) ice!

👤boxing vs game? 🐰these days, games aren’t that fun, so..ah, no, its not that its not fun, but i don’t do/play them a lot, so i’ll go with boxing. Boxing

👤what do you like? Me vs me. 🐰what i like? You, you. You, you, (eng) you

👤day or night 🐰my hair suddenly became a mess..me, night!

👤army [helps] pull/peel off a perilla leaf for a different idol vs a different idol pulls/peels off a perilla lead for army (*it was a popular dispute/discourse i explained in the thread in qrt) 🐰lets just not eat perilla leaves eh?

👤dance vs sing 🐰these days, honestly, dancing is more fun than singing but still..when i look at it as a whole/overall, i think its singing. (Eng) sing~

👤blue or blsck 🐰that right now is black (*referring to typo), right? Uhh for me..hmm..these days, i like blue. Blue~

👤if you were to be born again, live as BTS vs live as ARMY 🐰for this, the answer is already decided on. Even if i’m born again, because i have to be born as BTS to be able to see you all, i will live as BTS again.

👤summer vs winter?? 🐰winter! Even right now, its so hot. Really..sweat..just now, even though i just moved around a little, my sweat exploded/i sweated a lot, so winter!!winter is going now..i’m doomed..

👤rain or sun 🐰i like when it rains…rain~

👤horror movie vs romantic movie 🐰for me, romantic movie! Romantic~

👤pork belly vs galbi/ribs 🐰without a question/no matter what, pork belly

👤na heedo vs ko yurim (*characters in 25 21) 🐰me?for me..uh..baek yijin

👤kageyama or shoyo 🐰ah..it’s hard..this..for me..ah..kageyama?

👤you can’t eat pizza vs you can’t have banana milk 🐰for me, i can live without eating pizza but because i can’t live without eating/drinking banana milk..uhh.. i will choose the one where i can’t eat pizza

👤lights on vs lights off 🐰lights off

👤mint choco flavor vs chocolate ramen 🐰what..the question is very weird/strange. So it’s/you’re asking if mint choco is better or if chocolate ramen is better, right? Mincho (mint choco) is better. I like mincho

👤bright hair color vs dark hair color 🐰dark hair color

👤i like you vs i love you 🐰사랑해/saranghae (i love you)

👤between being able to talk to animals and being able to speak all foreign languages, which do you like more? 🐰i will choose being able to talk to animals

👤cherry blossoms 🌸 vs fall foliage/autumn colors🍁 🐰cherry blossoms

👤go back to the past or go to the future😘 🐰ill go back to the past

👤coffee or tea 🐰coffeeee

👤i love you vs i purple you 🐰purple you!

👤order deliver vs go out and eat 🐰i really want to go out and eat

🏓 vs🏸 🐰badminton

👤soda or milk 🐰milk

👤bibimbap vs gimbap 🐰gimbap!

👤backstage and on stage 🐰ah this is without a doubt/no matter what, on stage

👤beach vs mountain 🐰i like the sea

👤running vs jump rope 🐰run run run

👤i don’t have ideas 🐰right now, the questions that are coming [in] are really, i’m not lying, really they’re all similar. Theyre almost the same. What should i do with this?could you please give me something new/novel/creative?really..something funny

👤kombucha vs soju💜 🐰soooojuuu

👤Texting 💬 or talking on the phone📞?(i love you!!💜) 🐰talking on the phone🎶

👤if you were to have superpowers? Tears turn into diamonds vs urine turns into gold 🐰this is without a doubt ‘tears turn into diamond’. I just have to cry tears of joy, right? I would cry every day with this. While drinking water, I’m gonna/would cry every day

👤pull ups vs push ups 🐰pull up

👤BUTTER OR DYNAMITE 🐰smooth like butter (I think he was singing this like the comedians on yt who act like older men in a hiking club; see qrt)

👤5 years old V or 70 years old V?🐰 5 years old V or 70 years old V..oh..oh..for me, 5 years old V

👤if you were to be born again, [do you want to be born with] a face you want vs (body) figure/form you want 🐰oh..for me…(body) figure i want

👤space travel vs undersea/underwater travel 🐰hmm..uh..i really want to try both. But still, space travel?

👤not showering for the rest of your life vs not cleaning for the rest of your life 🐰for me, because i can’t live without showering, i’ll go with not cleaning for the rest of my life

👤business proposal vs 25 21 🐰wow..this is really hard right? For me..business five, proposal one (*he combined the two titles to avoid giving one answer)

👤fly vs teleport 🐰wow..i dreamt a dream and it was dream where i was flying. It was a dream where i was really, very much freely flying and i was really really happy. Uh so/that’s why i’ll go with teleport!

👤pour (the sauce onto the food) and eat vs dip (the food into the sauce) and eat* (explained in next tweet) 🐰for me..i’m team dip and eat

*a discourse with tangsuyuk (a fried pork dish w/ sauce) where there are people who prefer to pour the sauce over the fried pork vs dip it into the sauce. (People who are team dip and eat argue its crunchier and the fried pork doesn’t get too soggy that way

👤change or city? 🐰change or city! Woah this..hmm..so, first of all, to have the authority to change is something really good, right? Then i’ll go with change. I don’t know what it means but yeah

👤angry hobi vs angry jimin 🐰angry hobi hyung vs angry jiminie hyung. If i were to choose which is better?Uhh….ha…..ha..

👤long hair vs short hair 🐰for me, i’ll go with long hair

👤aurora vs star 🐰i havent seen an aurora in person/in real life but uhh i want to see an aurora. Aurora!

👤[eating] 5 keonbbangs in 1 minute possible?Impossible? [keonbbangs are biscuit like snacks and they make your mouth pretty dry so it would be hard to ear 5 in a min) 🐰impossible

👤kimchi stew vs soybean paste stew 🐰this..for me, it doesnt matter as long as theres meat in it..soybean paste stew! No! Ah uh uhh soybean paste stew!

👤time travel vs freeze time 🐰this..uhh..from time to time, there are times i think it would be nice if time stopped/froze. When im really tired. When i want to sleep a bit. So, i will choose freeze time

👤 tteokbokki vs oden(fishcake) 🐰uhh..i like both but tteokbokki more than fishcakes. tteokbokki! I like it more

👤bang sihyuk pd nim vs sihyuk hyung go go go 🐰ah this…ah…sihyukie hyung!

👤my time vs euphoria 🐰euphoria~

👤become a ceo/president of an agency and make bang sihyuk an idol vs just stay still/as is(not do anything) 🐰i don’t know/am not sure what it is but just stay still/as is..

👤positive or negative? 🐰positive

👤alcohol vs milk 🐰uhh..this..i really like milk. But because i also can’t give up alcohol, i’ll go with alcohol

👤delivery food vs cooking and eating 🐰cooking and eating!

👤sleep for a day vs eat for a day (won’t gain weight) 🐰ah this is without a doubt ‘eat for a day’. If i won’t gain weight, for this, i have to eat no matter what. There are so many delicious things in the world [to not choose ‘eat for a day’]

👤antique vs latest/modern 🐰as i’m a person that always pursues the modern/latest [style/things], i’ll go with modern

👤air conditioner in Antarctica vs heater in a desert 🐰because i really don’t like it being hot/hot weather, air conditioner in Antarctica

👤lets laugh/smile 🐰eutcha (he read ootja (lets laugh/smile) as eutcha (읏챠) which is the sound people make when we lift heavy things/muster strength)

👤this is difficult…do you want namjoons brain vs jin’s shoulders?😲 🐰i will choose namjoonie hyung’s brain (eng) namjoon’s brain!

👤titanic vs twilight 🐰titanic

👤answer as fast as you can/as soon as possible!!!!! You can’t eat ramen again vs you can’t eat meat?☹️☹️ 🐰i…uh..i’ll give up ramen


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