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ranger danger



atsusuna // practice kissing, vampire!suna Rintarou's the architect of his own demise. Well. Not the first one. That wasn't his fault. But this one? He can only blame himself. It starts with Atsumu, whining about never getting kissed.

"It ain't fair! Even 'Samu's getting some action!" "Please don't refer to kissing Kita as 'some action', 'Tsumu," Rintarou winces, the nickname slipping off his tongue like silk. "He's worth a little more than that."

"Whatever," Atsumu pouts, and God help him because he thinks it's cute. "It just feels like everyone's gettin' kissed but me." Rintarou knows for a fact that that isn't true, but that's a secret he'll take to the grave. Well. You know what he means. "Your time will come."

It's trite, and Atsumu coughs. "Yeah, but I want it to come sooner!" They're just hanging out a bit, after practice, Osamu peeling away for a date with Kita and neither of them interested in heading back to their dorms, gravitating towards each other naturally like friends do.

And that's all they are. Friends, to Rintarou's eternal (hah!) frustration. In times like these, he's grateful for sunblock. The sunset paints Atsumu's stupid yellow hair pretty shades of pink and purple, and it's in his dumbfound state that he makes a critical error.

"I can help you with that," he says, like he's a normal teenager with nothing to hide but a crush on his best friend, and not a - - well - - you know. It's only when Atsumu turns to him, absolutely stupefied expression melting into something unbearably....

no, Rintarou can't put a name to that face; he's never seen it before, not directed at him, at least. He's seen it when they watch Romero highlights and Jackals matches, when an opponent lands a cool move, when Osamu's last pack of pudding is /right there/.

Some might call it delight. Others? Desire. He licks one of his canines. He can't imagine it directed at him, so he'll focus on Atsumu's deeply stupid confused face instead, which - dammit! - he thinks he's cute. Maybe he needs to Drink; maybe that's why he feels this dumb.

"You'd, yanno, with me?" Atsumu says, flushing, gesturing between them. "Only if you can say the word." /Kissing./ Atsumu'll never work up the nerve to say it. "You'd kiss me?" Atsumu looks flushed, glances down. Can a vampire's hands clam up? Asking for a friend.

"Yeah," Rintarou licks his lips, mouth suddenly dry. "Just for practice." Plausible deniability. Atsumu stills, hesitating for a second. "Yeah, Rin. Just practice." Just to get this weight off Atsumu's chest. Just so Rintarou can know what his lips feel like.

Just so he can stare desire in the face and know what he's missing. "So how do we?" Atsumu asks, cutting into his thoughts. Rintarou blinks. He doesn't really know how people kiss. He's imagined it, sure. Practiced on his fist until he accidentally bit himself.

His sister laughed herself silly over it for weeks. They're in a hidden corner of campus. No one around them, just the sun on one side and a wall on the other, not a soul to witness them. Strictly speaking there's only one soul present; being undead is a bummer for poetry.

"Maybe we can," Rintarou scoots closer to him, enough that their thighs touxh below the hem of their shorts, and he hesitantly reaches a hand up to Atsumu's shoulder. Atsumu mirrors him. "Y'sure are cold, Rin." "Ha ha. Ha." He tries to pull his hand away, but Atsumu stops it.

"Is it weird that I like it?" he looks /stupidly/ charming, off-kilter grin and everything. Aran would probably say he looked constipated, and Rintarou would agree just so that Atsumu wouldn't know how he really felt. "Nah, 'Tsumu," he gulps. "It's not weird at all."

And then, emboldened by something - maybe Atsumu's sweet human warmth, or the blood dully thudding in his veins, pulse speeding up as Rintarou draws closer, or the hand on his own, fingers tangled together - he closes his eyes and leans forward.

Bats can echolocate. Rintarou isn't a bat; he's a human with a weird diet and weirder teeth, so misses Atsumu's mouth entirely and plants a fat one on his nose. He pulls back, abruptly, embarrassed when he hears Atsumu laugh. "Forget it," he says. "This was stupid."

Atsumu reaches up to cup his jaw, pull him closer. "Nah, Rin. This ain't stupid at all. Let me take care of us." /Us/ Rintarou thinks, as Atsumu leans forward, stupid lips pursed together stupidly, and finds his way home. Their first kiss is just a press of flesh on flesh.

The warmth lingers as Atsumu pulls away, still grinning. "See? Wasn't that easy?" "You were the one complaining about kissing!" Rintarou narrows his eyes, sees the fire in Atsumu's expression. "Again?" he demands. Atsumu nods; he's the most competitive bastard he knows. "Yeah."

This time kissing isn't just flesh on flesh. They're more willing to move, experiment, try things out. They burst forward, press into each other, fingers in hair, all the things they've seen in movies, maybe, or imagined.

At some point Atsumu licks at his lips and it /should/ be gross, really, and Rintarou should be thinking about the bloodsucking elephant in the room, but he's kissing the boy he likes and it makes him stupid. So he lets him. Lets Atsumu taste his mouth.

Tastes Atsumu in return, the late summer mugicha and the candy he snuck after practice, and his eyes are closed and Atsumu's so warm and he leans forward into it, soft hair between his fingers and - "Yikes, Rin, it's like ya got razors in your mouth."

If he had a working heart it would drop. Rintarou pulls back. There's something uncannily sweet in the air, and rich, too. Iron. It would be bitter to anyone else, but it makes Rintarou's nerves ring out in delight, makes his fangs leak venom as blood drips down Atsumu's lip.

/Fangs/ Holy shit. Rintarou touches his teeth and Atsumu gasps. "Rin, you've got-" He hasn't dropped fang since he was in middle school, just coming into his heritage, and totally unable to handle the way everyone's blood smelled around him. But stupid Atsumu did it.

"Rin, do you wanna-" Atsumu reaches out to grab at him, but he winces when he moves and more blood spills and venom leaks down Rintarou's lips bc he wants more of a taste. More than the drop in his mouth that he swallows down, sweeter than any honey.

"I've gotta go," he says, and bolts, before Atsumu can regain a hold on him. He doesn't use his full energy on the court, but he uses it now to zip back to his dorm, lock the door, and hope he can will his fangs back up before Atsumu finds him.

tbc when I am no longer running errands sifkekfkrd time is Hard.

okay! we are back in business (allegedly) --- He hates when Atsumu remembers to be smart, because barely half an hour passes before there's a tell tale knock on his door. Why does Atsumu have a specific knock, just for him? Who's to say.

"Go away, Atsumu!" he yells, wincing when one of his fangs digs into his lip, because he hasn't gotten them to retract, yet. At least they've stopped dripping venom, but Rintarou's used up all of his tissues and definitely ruined a towel trying to keep it at bay.

The report should reflect that he tried, dammit! But every time he came close to letting his fangs slip back into hiding, his mind betrayed him. Atsumu's warm skin, the soft scent of his shampoo, the way his fingers dug into Rintarou's shoulder, their knees knocking together.

All these memories of /kissing/ absolutely ruinous for him, each reminding him of the human heart at Atsumu's core, of the warmth he carried, and of the secret that Rintarou's very close to revealing. Here's the thing: sure, he's a vampire. Sure, they're not uncommon.

And sure there are other vamps around, and they had a schoolwide assembly on how to handle vampires when a third year got turned, but most of them keep it on the down-low. (Not everyone wants a bloodsucker in their friend group, after all.)

But that's not what mattered. Rintarou was afraid that if Atsumu unlocked one secret he kept, the rest of them would open too, dominoes in a line, and his Big Stupid Crush the reward at the end of the pile. He couldn't risk it.

Shouldn't have even risked kissing him, and - "Rin? C'mon, let me in! I've got, uh," Atsumu's voice went weirdly quiet, "/stuff/" Rintarou does not know what's going on at all. He does know, however, that Atsumu cannot come in. "Go away!"

And then another hiss, becuase he bit himself again! This was the most embarrassing part about dropping fangs, for him at least. His were so much longer than the rest of his families that he always ended up cutting his own lips and tongue.

He's at his desk, when he hears it; the handle jiggling, and he has just a moment to remember that he /totally/ forgot to lock it before- "Rin!" Atsumu's standing in his doorway, looking shocked that it worked, before rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

He's holding a bag and he looks weirdly sweaty. Judging by the logo - a convenience store, a little further off campus than the one they usually ransack on the weekends - he probably ran there and back. Belatedly, Rintarou raises his hand to cover his face.

Atsumu's brow knits in - is that concern? Seriously? "I'm sorry it took me so long, Rin," he says, crowding into his space and laying out the contents on his desk. Rintarou steps back, not sure what Atsumu's going to pull out.

A stake? A silver bullet? Pliers? No, none of those things. Sometimes he wishes people worked a little more like vampires; he always needed to be invited into rooms, which is why he tended to hang back until he was awkwardly invited into the twins' dorm, or Aran's room.

If Atsumu couldn't enter his room, then he wouldn't be squinting down at the supples on his desk. Pain meds. Milk. Sensitive Toothpaste. Numbing Gel. "Atsumu," he says, more puzzled than worried, "what are you doing?" If he takes a moment to lean in closer, so be it.

In the short time they've been apart, Rintarou's realized how much he wants Atsumu's warmth. More venom leaks from his fangs, and he sighs, reaching to dab at it with a tissue. That's when Atsumu reveals that he is, at his core, irrevocably stupid.

He slaps Rintarou's hand away - he did /not/ shriek, he's not a banshee - and pries his jaw open, keeping one of his hands clamped on his chin and cheeks. It's only because he's looking down at his desk that he doesn't see the fangs, but the venom drips down onto his fingers.

"I'm sorry I broke your tooth while kissin' ya," Atsumu says, fiddling with the cap on the numbing gel. "Buh?" Rintarou says. He wishes the stories about vampire strength were true, because one of them skips leg day and the other one lives at the gym.

He's trapped, is what he's saying, and he's cursing his weak quads internally. Atsumu looks triumphant when he peels the cap off and pours some on on his hand, as well as all over Rintarou's desk /and/ his math homework.

"I didn't even think that was possible! But I guess I moved too fast and snapped it in half. That's the only reason you could've cut my mouth open, after all." Rintarou's in love with an idiot human; the hand on his jaw is so warm, and he can't help but melt into his fondness.

There's some gel on his finger and - Rintarou would like to die (agai- you get the point) - raises it to his mouth, starting to rub it against his teeth while he peers into it, looking for the broken tooth. The gel tastes like a crypt (probably).

"Huh," Atsumu says, squinting at his teeth. "Rin, if my eyes ain't deceiving me, you've got more tooth than is logical, strictly speaking." Atsumu can find a path for a hitter in a pinch, but if you asked him to find his own hand at midnight he'd be lost. "Bwuh," he replies.

Atsumu pulls his hand away, and frowns at how wet it is. "I don't think you're supposed to produce this much spit." He rubs it off on Rintarou's shirt. Inconsiderate little- "Since when were you a dentist?" he retorts instead. "And what's with the milk?"

"It's for the broken tooth!" Atsumu yells, which, honestly, raises more questions to Rintarou than answers. "But it seems like you've got the opposite problem!" "Now that you know my teeth are fine, you can go away!" But he bites down too hard at the end of the sentence.

Slices a line clean through his lip, and he hisses from pain and cups his jaw. Atsumu's on him immediately, and his own warm hand soothes it, just a little bit. "Are ya gonna tell me what that's all about, or are ya gonna make me call an emergency dentist?"

"I don't need a dentist, Atsumu." The wound's already healing, and Atsumu pries his mouth open, watching his venom saturate the cut and seal it up. "That's not how numbing gel's supposed to work." Rintarou blinks at him. Atsumu blinks back.

Suddenly Rintarou remembers why the day of the vampire assembly was particularly atrocious. Both the Miyas were out with some kind of horrendous stomach flu; Osamu blamed Atsumu, Atsumu blamed Osamu, no one got the full story out of them.

He sat in silence the whole time, with no one to trade barbs with or elbow when the Vampire Cultural Consultant (a cousin, who he had to meet for a dinner of blood packs that night) said something particularly corny. It was beyond boring.

Between that, Atsumu's volleyvision, and horrible grades in Contemporary Society, he's getting the sinking suspicion that Atsumu doesn't know what vampires are. And, had Rintarou not run away immediately, he probably never would've figured it out.

"Your teeth are kinda," Atsumu holds up fingers to his own mouth to mimic fangs. "Bet ya drank a lot of milk as a kid, huh?" Rintarou certainly drank a lot of something as a kid. He sighs. "I'm a vampire, Atsumu. Fear me or whatever."

Atsumu's quiet for a long moment, like he's connecting some dots. Rintarou will give him time, because off the court, he is very slow at drawing out the lines. "So your teeth are fine?" he says eventually, eyes narrowed at his mouth.

"That's your biggest concern?" Rintarou doesn't really have the words. Atsumu should be mad about the lying, or the tiny wound, or the fact that Rintarou's never actually eaten any of Osamu's food, or the chuupet are a handy way to sneak blood in front of everyone.

He should be angry, maybe, that his friend is a bloodsucking little demon, who can only handle daylight because of an invention, whose sister loves to turn into a bat while playing hide and seek with her friends so she's guaranteed to win. But instead he -

"Hey, Rin, you're panicking." He plants his hands on Rintarou's shoulders and pats down his bicep, rubbing up and down until he stops shaking. The warmth is grounding, and familiar, and comforting, and soon enough he can breath - in a manner of speaking - again.

"All good?" "Yeah. All good." Atsumu doesn't let go of his arms, though, and Rintarou doesn't know what to do with his hands. "So-" he starts, but Atsumu beats him to the punch. "If you're teeth are fine, then we can keep practicing, don't ya think?"

"What, like volleyball?" Rintarou asks dumbly. He watches the sheepish, bashful expression on Atsumu's face transform into cackling delight. "Who's the volleybrained one now, huh?" he laughs. "Nah, I meant kissin'."

"You're still thinking about that?" "Yeah!" Atsumu admits, bright and boisterous and somehow completely and utterly unphased by the whole vampire thing. "I think you've got a lotta work to do, if you don't wanna accidentally bite the person you wanna kiss!"

Maybe he's a little phased, but his smile is enough to sting the tang of the insult. And it's not entirely untrue, either. Imagine if he'd kissed the person (atsumu) he wants (atsumu) to kiss and accidentally dropped fang (like he did, earlier today, in fact)

"Hahaha," he laughs, hollowly. "That would sure be embarassing. Biting. The person. I liked." "Exactly!" And, gods help him, Atsumu thinks he agrees. "It's just me, after all. You know you can make mistakes with me. I barely know what I'm doin', anyway."

Rintarou thinks he's memorized the shape of Atsumu's hands by now. He thinks about the - seriously, gross - gel in his mouth, the array of health aids on the desk, the way Atsumu must have run as fast as possible because he thought there was a change Rintarou was hurt.

The way he carried the blame for his tooth thing all on his own. The way Atsumu still hasn't let go of him, even as the confident expression falls away and his grip loosens and loosens, until it's just the faintest touch of warmth.

The ten points of his fingers, blazing little targets, just like he'd use to set a ball. Rintarou gulps, and grabs Atsumu's wrists. "I think the mistake was practicing at all," he says, and holds him tightly when Atsumu whines and tries to pull away. "Let me finish!"

Atsumu glares at him suspiciously, the first time he'd been suspicious all day. "Practicing was the mistake I made with you, because," and no one ever warned him that confessions would be embarassing, seriously, how did Osamu manage this? "you're the one I want to be kissing."

Atsumu's quiet again. "Like, for real?" he says, in a soft voice. "Ya mean it?" Rintarou nods. "Yeah. For real. Not practice at all." He started this whole thing off lost in the colors of the sunset on Atsumu's hair; now, in the quiet of his room, he's found his way.

"I wanna make mistakes with you because I'm making them with /you/," he insists. "Not for an imaginary somebody. And, I hope you feel the same?" His voice cracks at the end, which is more embarassing than his fangs dropping.

"Yeah, Rin," Atsumu grins, and that's really unfair; a vampire shouldn't be forced to witness the full brightness of the sun, this close, "of course I do." This time, when he leans in to kiss Atsumu, he doesn't miss.

Unfortunately - "Oh my god, Rin, that tastes disgusting!" "You were the one who put it in my mouth!" - he has to rinse out the numbing gel, first. They'll get there in the end, and some of Atsumu's supplies even come in handy, later, when his fangs drop again. (fin)

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