Beyond 8 Figures Podcast

Beyond 8 Figures Podcast



The founder of @trends_vc, @DruRly, doesn’t spend much time in his comfort zone, which is a big part of the reason he has achieved the success that he has! Below is an overview of some of the wisdom he shares today 👇

1/3 Listen to learn Sometimes when we get too close to something, we can’t see how to fix it. Listening to other entrepreneurs’ experiences can help you gain a broader perspective on your own struggles and figure out how to solve them.

2/3 Don’t be afraid to overcommunicate Even if some people find it tiring, rather express yourself in multiple ways to ensure you have been understood than risk the opposite.

3/3 Don’t underestimate the value of goal setting Setting goals is one of the most effective ways to stay on track as an entrepreneur. Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals and regularly reflect on them so that you can continuously improve.

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