Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya

Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya



#miyacestober2022 Day 24 🦊 Toxic // alcohol

“Baby, can't you see I'm calling? A guy like you should wear a warning” The sound of Britney and the dramatic strings of the song overwhelmed the small living room. One of Ginjima’s coworkers turned the volume up as Atsumu bounced next to him shouting something about karaoke.

Ginjima’s housewarming party was going along smoothly if people were drunk enough to get dancing. Osmau smiled into his own cup at the sight.

Theatrically Atsumu starts winding his body and singing along, “With a taste of your lips, I'm on a ride You're toxic, I'm slippin' under”

A warmth blooms in his chest alongside the liquor. This idiot, his idiot. Atsumu shakes his booty with none of the finesse of an athlete. All the glorified confidence of booze and a beat in one man.

To be fair Toxic was worth the fanfare. Atsumu slithered over towards Osamu where he stood near the kitchen with Kita and another of Gin’s friends.

With a flourish of his hands he grabbed Osamu’s shoulder and serenaded, “Intoxicate me now, with your lovin' now I think I'm ready now, I think I'm ready now Intoxicate me now, with your lovin' now I think I'm ready now”

Despite the off key singing and the way his jostling grin forced Osamu’s cup to slosh around, he was thoroughly content. His mood matched the bubbling drink in hand.

His lover was fully in character and getting everyone riled up including their oldest friends. For now they were free of any stress from work and the normal anxiety that followed their secret. In this little way Osamu could just enjoy his brother as he was, jovial and carefree.


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