Most youtubers take 365+ days just to monetize their youtube channel. So here's 10 tips that'll help you monetize (in under a year):👇

✅ 1. Put The Audience First Before you even post a video, figure out what kind of content the viewers want to see. This will help you ONLY make banger after banger because every video you make is attractive to the viewers. But what's the best way to understand the audience?

✅ 2. Find 5 Competitors in ur Niche Find 5 similar channels in your niche and breakdown their thumbnails, titles, topics, content, comments, etc Then you'll have a way better understanding of the audience as a whole. Example of channel research: 👇

✅ 3. Find High View Videos From Smaller Creators Now that you know the niche, search for smaller creators ( > 10k subs) and look for outliers in their content. Videos that performed super well compared to their regular channel Ex:

✅ 4. Copy Topic & Improve the Content Now you've got the topic, you can't just regurgitate the same video, so you need to add value like: better editing, packaging, explaining better, etc. You basically want to offer the best viewing experience possible

✅ 5. Design 2-3 Thumbnails Ahead of Time When it comes to thumbnails: figure out what type of thumbnails work well in that niche and brainstorm 2-3 concepts (each completely different) If you struggle with thumbnails, check out @theJayAlto

✅ 6. Posting consistently & improve every video As a beginner, I think it's better to post consistently and focus on making the highest quality video possible How do you make high quality? Look at successful creators inside & outside the niche and draw inspiration from them

✅ 7. Rinse & Repeat till you get a Viral Video Keeping making videos with underrated topics, keep improving, and eventually you'll post a video that explodes like this:

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