Sankrant Sanu सानु संक्रान्त ਸੰਕ੍ਰਾਂਤ ਸਾਨੁ

Sankrant Sanu सानु संक्रान्त ਸੰਕ੍ਰਾਂਤ ਸਾਨੁ



Anti-conversion laws in India are ineffective because they target individuals, not institutions. Conversion war is waged on native traditions by global multinational religions with a huge institutional infrastructure. To be effective, curb the institutions and its sales force.

I had written a complete draft of an act to support the religious freedom of indigenous traditions vs imperialistic proselytizing creeds. Originally drafted in 2016. If @narendramodi @AmitShah implement this, it would a transformative step. @vinay1011

Here is my talk on the same issue:

These are some of the key clauses. 4. Prohibition of institutional conversion No person or persons shall form or operate an organization with religious conversions as one of its aims. No college, church... or other institution may teach strategies to convert other people.

5. No direct or indirect compensation. 6. No foreign funds for proselytization. 7. No solicitation of minors.

8. No unsolicited marketing for religious conversion. End to missionary spam. We have laws against email and SMS spam but not against missionary spam? 9. No "church planting" as an act of aggression.

10. Right to practise without interference. Get courts out of the civilizing mission of fixing us. Indigenous practices can self-regulate without interference from the state and court.

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