Alex β€’ Copywriting Dad.

Alex β€’ Copywriting Dad.



Parents, do this with your kids and set them to millionaires in the next 10 years...

1. Have common cool hobbies. Pick hobbies like; - Archery - Handstands - Chess - Yoga - Writing - Trail Running - Rock Climbing - Painting - Pool - Ping Pong This'll ensure you have more time together.

2. Travel together The world has beautiful people and places. Ask your family members the places they'd love to tour. Create time in your busy schedule. The experiences are priceless.

3. Forgive your past selves You're a product of; β€’ Your environment β€’ Education β€’ Society You hate that but it's not your mistake. - Acknowledge this - Learn - Become better

4. Read more books Few families have time for books. Don't restrict yourself. Read books on; β€’ History β€’ Finance β€’ Psychology Reading is learning from others. Share what you learn later. (It's fun)

5. Be goofy with each other Most people are socially awkward because they come from dull families. Have fun with your family. This'll help when relating with others.

6. Talk about your days Life gets kinky sometimes and we need people to talk to. β€’ Sit down together β€’ Have coffee β€’ Talk about your days It's powerful for your mental health.

8. Exercise together A fit family is healthy and strong. - Set time aside to work out - Have nature walks - Eat clean Your family will starve the pharmaceutical industry.

9. Pray together Prayer is leaving what you can't handle to the unknown. After the day's activities; β€’ Sit down together β€’ Show gratitude for the day β€’ Say a prayer and call it off Your family will be happy.

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