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Atsumu wakes up one morning with the ability to read minds. The share house is loud and there are a million things running through his mind that now include everyone else’s thoughts. But, there is one voice that rings out louder then anyone else’s.

‘I wonder if Miya is awake’ That voice. That voice that he would recognize anywhere. It’s the first but not the last time that Kiyoomi would wonder about Atsumu that day. Atsumu shoots out of bed and wanders into the kitchen. Kiyoomi is sitting at the table,

cup of coffee and morning news on his phone, “Mornin’ Omi.” ‘ah, there he is.’ Kiyoomi smiles, “Good morning, Miya” *

Atsumu gets pretty good at ignoring all of the other voices that run through his head. All but one. ‘I wonder if Miya has eaten.’ , ‘I wonder if Miya would like this.’ , ‘I wonder if Miya has seen this.’

Atsumu can’t help but smile every time Kiyoomi’s thoughts flutter across his mind. Almost all of them have to do with him and he can’t lie or ignore they way his heart skips a beat every time he hears Kiyoomi ask about him.

It happened especially when they were in the same room together. Somehow, he and Kiyoomi are the only ones at the house on a Friday night. Atsumu was all clubbed out and Kiyoomi simply wanted a night-in (read: if atsumu wasn’t going, he didn’t want to go.)

They order a bunch of take out from their favorite place down the street. A small shop that had great food and was up to Kiyoomi’s expectations. There’s a lull in their conversation when Atsumu’s phone vibrates with a text from Osamu. He looks down to read the text when he

hears it, ‘I wonder if Miya thinks about me this much.’ Atsumu freezes, long forgotten is whatever Osamu said. His heart is racing but he looks up from his phone, only to find Kiyoomi’s eyes already on him. He smiles at the flush that kisses Kiyoomi’s cheek, “I do.”

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