I guess the only I'm going to get out of twitter is posting my ORBAT stuff... I got help from @realaludiangov on the upscaling o the image and the feather cos I am poor and do not have AI or Photoshop ;-;

3 Commando Brigade is Britain's commando formation, consisting of a mixture of Royal Marine, Army, Navy and Air Force Commandos. The Brigade is divided into 5 primary commandos, an artillery commando, engineer commando, logistics regiment and various other units.

45 Commando is one of the battalion sized formations part of 3 Commando Brigade and operates in many roles from protection of Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships to conducting amphibious formations.

42 Commando is 3 Commando Brigade's maritime security company and provides a variety of capabilities from board and searching specialists to conducting joint personnel recovery of pilots.

40 Commando is another of the battalion sized formations under 3 Commando Brigade and, like 45 Commando, are expected to perform a variety of tasks. 40 Commando is joining 45 as the two commandos contributing infantry forces to the new Littoral Response Groups.

43 Commando Fleet Protection Group is 3 Commando Brigade's nuclear security commando, they provide military protection for Britain's nuclear deterrent based at HM Clyde in Scotland. 43 Commando also provides the detachment on the ice patrol vessel HMS Protector.

30 Commando Information Exploitation Group is 3 Commando Brigade's ISTAR Component and consists of a number of specialist units such as Y Squadron who conducts electronic warfare and the Brigade Patrol Troop who provide recon for the entirety of 3 Commando Brigade.

47 Commando, known previously as 1 Assault Group Royal Marines, is 3 Commando Brigade's specialists in amphibious and riverine warfare. Using various craft such as ORCs, LCACs and other craft to conduct various operations.

24 Commando Royal Engineers provides the Brigade's engineering capabilities, 24 consists of the Army Commando Sappers that can conduct a wide variety of engineering tasks from construction to demolitions.

29 Commando Royal Artillery is the Brigade's artillery component and consists of a number of batteries. Previously the Commando retained 2 gun batteries, however 7 (Sphinx) Battery has since lost their gun group and only retains the forward observers from their TAC Group.

Commando Logistics Regiment is the Brigade's logistical component and retains the Brigade's medical company as well as the Viking Squadron who operate as protected mobility specialists with the capability to provide transportation, supporting fire and MEDEVAC for the Commandos.

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