miyacest/sakumiya, omegaverse, mpreg, mind break(?) toxic osamu for my love @tsumuswhore Omega Atsumu showing up at Osamu and Kiyoomi's home, telling Kiyoomi how another alpha got him pregnant, and how he doesn't have any place to go and can he please, please live with them

Little does Kiyoomi know that the baby, cute as he is when he's born, only looks like he has all of Atsumu's features for a reason. A reason that sinks his cock into his wet hole and tells him that he should let Atsumu join their little family,

that Kiyoomi shouldn't fight his omegas instincts to help raise the baby like it's his own. Osamu likes having two omegas around the house, and he's such a good alpha, doesn't he deserve to have them both?

Honestly, it's hard for Kiyoomi to think when every time he brings up the idea, he's fucking Kiyoomi stupid beneath him, telling him how good his pussy is and how badly he wants to put a pup in his womb. Kiyoomi doesn't remember when he said yes to having Atsumu join in,

but he doesn't know why he even thought about putting up a fight when Atsumu's head is buried between his thighs, getting his pussy fucked by Osamu - by his brother. Osamu deserves two omegas. He's such a good alpha.

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