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Ankara Kulisi



the musk thing leaves me in a kind of leninist mood: there is no free speech as such, there is just class power. for a lack of a better term the pmc has managed to struggle for some semblance of control over social media platforms and now capital wants to reassert control

of course they will not impose their own restrictions, they will exhibit assert power by the lack of restrictions, swamping the platform with distractions and making organization of campaigns against them difficult

musk, andreesen etc. the big capitalist chieftains are engaged in constant class war against whatever group tries to defy them: they are always trying to rally a public to their side, utilizing kind of mob of malcontents and toadies that hate the same people they do

there are many many problems with the media, but they are largely hostile to the reactionary tech oligarchs and militate against their political and cultural power, so "critical support," as they say

it's like lenin said, uhhh, you like for, uh, who benefits

so-called cancel culture is just the beginning of the organized power of one class against another, the reactionary oligarchs are more than happy to unleash their own mobs on their opponents when it suits them

we can see a similar process across the economy: retreating from public ownership models to avoid federal regulation and the places activism can find footholds in the corporation. a return to patrimonial forms of ownership

Musk's first move would probably be to reopen twitter to the "standing reserve of reaction" in the form of all the trolls and etc. that have been gradually pushed to other platforms, a group that would start to relentlessly harass the media and intelligentsia

he might even be willing to destroy the business viability of the company to do this. it is not his primary investment

so remember comrades, whatever differences we have among ourselves, the main enemy will always be the tech capitalist reactionary oligarchy (musk, thiel, andreesen) who constantly plot intrigues day and night against the organized power of the working class and its allies

am i serious about all this? well, im talking myself into it

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