Miyacest The first time Osamu ate Atsumu out, he came untouched. His tongue as far up his brother’s ass as it could be. Thumbs turning Atsumu’s skin white from how hard he was holding his twin open. Every flutter of Atsumu’s hole had Osamu spurting precum in his shorts. The

moans Atsumu were letting out were so obscene. “‘Samu, ‘Samu,” his name said like a prayer. Once Atsumu reached back and sunk one of his own fingers into his dripping hole, that’s all it took for Osamu. He humped the mattress, tongue still inside his brother, as he made a mess

of their sheets. Atsumu never let him forget it. “Gonna cum with yer tongue in my ass again?” Atsumu would bat his eyes and laugh. “Fucking brat,” but he never said no.

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