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Make $1000/month extra by checking and giving feedback. Here are 5 ways to make money as a tester online:

Contents discussed: 1. Online Product Testing 2. Online Focus Groups 3. Surveys 4. Online Website Testing 5. Mystery Shopping Check them out!

1. Online Product testing Get paid by testing someone’s product without spending a penny. You’ll get paid handsomely by completing the work with precise documentation. It’s easier than ever because today there are companies that provide such jobs without difficulty. ...

Platforms to find such jobs: Platforms: Bzzagent, Fiverr, and UpWork

2. Online Focus groups How about helping others by giving your ideas and opinions to make money? It feels unreal. But there are companies who’re willing to pay for your opinions and ideas. Platforms: 2020panel, and FocusGroup

3. Surveys It is not exciting as brainstorming on a single idea and giving feedback but it can make you some real money. Giving your honest opinions online on survey platforms can make way real money. Platforms: Cashcrate, and Survimo

4. Online Website testing It’s easy to build a website but knowing how the website look from the audience's perspective is kinda hard. To know where the website needs improvements website owners to hire website testers who would give them honest and working opinions. ..

Platforms: Fiverr, Analysia, and E4S.

5. Mystery shopping Many freelancers today apply this tactic to get more attention from the audience to buy their services. How does it work? You become a fake buyer and you buy your client's product for them and give your opinion and after that they pay you.

Platforms: MarketViewPoint, Fiverr, and Mystery Shopper.

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