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#sakuatsu Miya Atsumu was supposed to die. Truly, he was. He was supposed to die in an accident after a gas leak in his apartment, but why oh why, did Sakusa Kiyoomi forget to turn himself invisible? “Wait… you’re a demon? And you’re tellin’ me… I’m dead?”

“Supposed to be,” Kiyoomi grits. “Holy shit.” “No problem. I’ll just take you under and we’ll solve this problem—“ “Wait! I can’t just… I can’t just leave now!” “You have to. You’re supposed to be dead.” “Supposed ta be. Why are ya in such a hurry?

Can’t I just… stay for a bit?” Atsumu asks, voice growing quieter with each word. “No. I don’t want to deal with any angels and liability issues.” “Please!” Atsumu begs. “It’s… I won’t do anything. I just need to be here for a few more days.” “No.”

Atsumu frowns. For a moment, Kiyoomi thinks he’s given up. But when he sees Atsumu take in a deep breath, his eyes widen. “HEY! ANGELS! SOME DEMON IS TRYIN’ TO—“ Kiyoomi immediately grabs Atsumu by the collar and places a gloved hand against his mouth.

“Stay. Quiet.” Kiyoomi huffs. Fuck. When a soul is this desperate, it only causes issues with everyone under. Not to mention, he screamed for an angel. A migraine is starting to grow inside Kiyoomi’s head, and it takes every ounce of him not to throttle Atsumu where he

he is right now. Atsumu is saying something, but with Kiyoomi’s hand on his mouth, he can only hear mumbles. He takes his hand off. “I won’t cause any trouble, I swear,” Atsumu says, “Just give me some time.” Kiyoomi takes one last look at Atsumu.

His brain is running a mile a minute and in the end, he sighs, heavy and defeated. “7.” “What?” “I’ll give you 7 days. You have to finish your business by then.” “No! Can… I have at least 3 more? Please? I’m beggin’ ya.” Kiyoomi frowns. “You’re already an abnormality.

Consider yourself lucky for being able to stay longer than you need to.” “Demon, sir, whatever they call ya…please. Just 10 days. My brother… he’s having a wedding. Gettin’ married to his best friend from highschool. I’ll do anythin’, so… please let me see his wedding.”

Kiyoomi can see the desperation in Atsumu’s eyes, shining under the sun in which he was supposed to see one last time. “Please,” Atsumu whispers. Atsumu was supposed to die. But before that, he will attend a wedding.

“10 days. That’s all I can give you.” A wide smile runs across Atsumu’s face and he takes Kiyoomi’s hand. “Deal.” ★

idea is based off this really old otome game i suddenly remembered about kdlskssk. might write this as a full fic, but currently juggling a bunch of other full length fics so 🧎‍♀️

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