🔞 luna || 121 pages 🔞

🔞 luna || 121 pages 🔞



SKTS // yakuza au, hybrid atsumu + nsfw It’s always such a treat to be able to see the boss’ pet.

He’s all tan legs, blonde hair and twitching bunny tail, foot thumping on the ground during fits of intense emotion. It’s always a guaranteed good day whenever he’s on boss’ arm.

His name is Atsumu—the boss calls him Atsu but orders his men to only refer to him as Atsumu. He’s hyperactive and truly the opposite to the boss’ demeanor, but somehow they work well.

“Bunny,” he’ll call, when Atsumu is thumping his foot a little too loud in the meeting room. Atsumu always gives him a look—one that’s apologetic but pleading all at once—and that’s /always/ when it begins.

‘It’ being Sakusa pulling Atsumu into his lap and spreading his legs, showing off a dripping hole to everyone in the room as he pulls Atsumu’s shorts aside.

He likes to start right off with two fingers inside Atsumu, his lips twitching without fail when the bunny yelps and his foot thumps against Sakusa’s thigh.

“If you’re going to interrupt,” he always says, “the least you can do is give everyone a show.”

And a show he absolutely gives. Sakusa will make Atsumu cum over and over, overstimulate him until he’s sobbing out pleas for him to stop, and then he’ll keep going some more.

Watching Atsumu’s foot thump as he cums all over himself is always such a nice treat—even if it leaves many of them aching in their pants by the end.

After all, the boss has one rule; look but don’t touch.

// this was born from a need to write bunny atsumu's foot thumping when he cums but i also do not have the energy to write a full fic w the other ones im working on so,,,here u go lol

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