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#Pierrochi 🎭💧🔞 CW: underage sex, grooming, and many other strong dead dove topics. (I obviously don’t support these irl but this is. Fictional. If you don’t like, don’t read.)

Pierro’s been watching Ajax since he was a little boy, being good friends with the kid’s father. He remembers the man would show him photos of his son, speaking of how adorable he was all the time. “Look at him here! So strong just like his pops! He could even hold up this big

fish all for himself haha!” And Pierro would laugh along, tell the man how adorable his son was and how “he was sure to become a great adventurer one day”. Except, when Ajax turned 14, he went missing for three days. Of course, during that time Pierro was much more focused

on his work, but the news didn’t seem to phase him at all, in fact a smirk crept it’s way onto his face, as if some grand plan he had was finally unfurling. Suddenly, when he’d meet with Ajax’s father not more than a week later, the old man starts going off on how different Ajax

has become. “He’s a horrible son! All he ever does is try to fight everyone! The whole village is tired of him. I just don’t know what to do anymore” the man speaks, drunk off his ass and hanging over the bar with his head in his hands. Oh, what a perfect, *perfect* opportunity.

“I could take him off your hands” Pierro speaks, “Teach him a few lessons, he’ll come back good as new” and then with a little more convincing and false, sweet words, Ajax’s father agrees. When Pierro meets Ajax for real the next morning, his immediate tell is that he reeks of

the abyss. Oh, how tainted he’s become. The boy he watched grow up through photo’s who’s eyes were so bright had eyes so cold and empty now. Pierro almost wanted to laugh at how easy his goal had become. Ajax stares deadly with his bags in his hands.

“So are you ready, kid?” Pierro asks, a big hand resting on top of little fourteen year old Ajax’s head and ruffling his hair before Ajax smacks it off. “Yeah, whatever.” He mumbles and starts walking and hah, Pierro finds he likes the bitchy attitude a little.

He follows after, watching and letting Ajax lead the way despite the fact the boy has no clue where his destination is, it’s amusing, really. An hour in and Pierro grabs him by the back of his neck like a kitten, leaning down and whispering right next to his ear.

“You’ve gone the wrong way, your confidence betrays you.” Ajax freezes before immediately turning in his hold and Pierro just *barely* missed getting stabbed with a little dagger the boy must’ve been hiding. Smooth, quick. Yes, he really is perfect.

Pierro does manage to stop him though, hearing a gasp from the boy as he grabs his wrist and squeezes it hard enough for him to drop his weapon before pinning him up against a tree, the boy’s legs dangling. “Tell me Ajax, where did you learn to fight so well?” Pierro asks,

leaning in close and Ajax hisses, kicking and trying to shove the man off. Pierro presses himself up against him, the ginger’s face immediately heating up. “Where did you learn to fight?” Pierro asks again, a slight growl to his voice. How pathetic Childe feels, realizing he’s

dripping just from being treated so roughly like this, the growling even sending a whimper out of him. Pierro’s eyes widen, then- he pushes a leg between the boy’s thighs.

“You’re disgusting” he mumbles, “are you so fucked up that something like this can turn you on? An old man like me speaking down to you?” Ajax squirms, more little sounds leaving his lips as he hastily starts grinding down onto Pierro’s thigh.

He’d secretly lead Pierro out here with the idea of killing him off, far from society. Afterall, why would he follow some strange man and stay with him? Seriously, how dumb could they think he was? Now, though? Gods, he wanted nothing more than for this old man to have

his way with him here in the thick forest, he wants him to touch him, take him, violate him. There is no care for the age difference, in fact if anything that made it all the more appealing to the boy.

Pierro does take his virginity that night, bending him over in front of the tree and shoving his pants down before pushing two fingers into his sopping wet pussy, earning a loud moan from the boy.

Ajax doesn’t fight it, not this at least. He wants this. Fuck, Pierro’s fingers are so big. Nothing he’d ever rutted against in the abyss ever felt like this. It’s filthy, he knows it’s horrible and fucked up that this man so much older than him is taking so much interest.

Hell, this is his father’s friend and he was two fingers deep in his underage son. What a disgusting creep. Ajax really should be disgusted and scared, but he can’t help but rut back against his fingers. How many times could he disappoint his father in one week?

“Daddy!” Ajax moans out, arching his back and shivering as his first orgasm hits him. Pierro stops, looking down and laughing. “Oh, is that what you’d wish to call me?” He asks, teasing as he pulls Ajax up against him, curling his fingers deep inside, “you even seem to have cum.

Did you like it that much?” He whispers in Ajax’s ear, nipping the small lobe gently and guiding another hand up to play with his little nipples. Ajax moans out, his cunt squeezing around those long, rough fingers as he nods, staying quiet. He wants more, he decides quickly. His

orgasm didn’t sate that itch at all, in fact. Pierro hums and spreads his fingers before sighing. “You’re so cute.. such a filthy little thing. How old are you again?” He asks Childe, spreading him open wider and pushing his own pants down just enough to rub the bulbous head of

his cock between those soft, pink folds. Ajax moans and squirms. “F-Fourteen daddy..” he breathes out hotly and tilts his head back. “I want more..” he mumbles quietly. Pierro groans. “You’re dangerous, you know that?” He mumbles into his ear, lining himself up with Ajax’s hole

“I bet your father would kill you if he knew what we were doing” the elder laughs, “That you’re so willing to whore yourself off” he mumbles, gripping Ajax’s hips before filling him to the very brim in one go. Ajax cries out hotly and claws at the tree and Pierro’s hands,

his little stomach bulging with the big cock nestled deep inside of him. Pierro gently places his hand over it and presses, earning another moan from the young boy. “Tell me Ajax, in the abyss, did any of those monsters fuck you like this?” Pierro whispers, drawing his hips back

slowly before thrusting back into the smaller hard, his stomach bulging again as Pierro easily moves his lithe, little body up and down his cock at a ruthless pace. Ajax can’t even answer, all he can do is moan and whine, his brain fogging up with the feeling of being properly

fucked, finally having someone stuff his greedy little hole like he wished for the first week of the abyss tainting him. To answer Pierro’s question though, no. Ajax had found ways to somewhat sate his desires during the months in the abyss,

but nothing ever properly penetrated him. “Can’t even answer, hm?” Pierro asks, smacking his ass and leaning such a loud moan, Pierro was sure someone else would have had to heard them by now. “Oh, d-daddy!” Ajax moans out, his legs spreading out more and his mouth hung open,

drool dripping from his tongue. “Look at you. Such a beautiful wreck and you’re all for me. How sweet, that’s my good, good boy” Pierro groans, pushing his face right up against the wood of the tree, his cock twitching inside the boy and then one, two, then three and four more

pumps and he was filling the boy’s little pussy with a string of grunts and moans, still thrusting into him just to make sure every last drop was stuffed inside. “Daddy! Ha- oh-!” Ajax squeals at the foreign feeling, pushing him over into a second orgasm, his little cunt weakly

squirting around the man’s big cock and Pierro pants against his neck, a small smile forming on his lips.

After that, they fall into a sort of routine. Pierro and him argue and fight and Ajax tries to run away or whatever else and then the elder man drags him back home just to fuck him brutally in his own bed, growling in his ear and gripping his little body so tight that there are

tears in the boy’s eyes. Oh, but Ajax loves it. He really does. He loves the pain mixing with the pleasure and he lets Pierro know it too. Afterwards, Pierro is so gentle with him, almost loving. He’d wash him up with a damp towel and then hold him in his arms until they’d both

fall asleep peacefully together. He always takes extra good care of Ajax those nights.

Then, there’s the fighting. The first time they get into a big argument, it’s over Ajax asking Pierro for children. “You’re too young for that responsibility” Pierro would say, and Ajax would blow up on him, explaining that he’s plenty mature enough. They fight for real and then

Pierro goes to dump the now fifteen year old back on the doorstep of his old home. “Sorry, Ajax simply isn’t fit for change. I’ve done everything I can” Pierro explains and suddenly the boy is in tears. “Daddy no!” Ajax cries, not wanting Pierro to leave him. Attached, he’s

become so attached he needs Pierro. Ajax’s father gets down on his knees. “Please! Pierro I understand, I do. But please try again!” Pierro hums in thought before looking to Ajax . “I can do better!” the boy cries, suddenly clinging onto Pierro, “please daddy!” He cries,

“I can do it, I can be better I swear!” He sobs and Pierro breaks, rolling his eyes lightheartedly. That night, they inevitably return home together again where Pierro teaches Ajax a proper lesson, fucking into him fast and hard with little to no prep. Ajax is crying, sobbing

really as Pierro fucks him, but the elder doesn’t stop and Ajax doesn’t ask him to. This is a punishment, afterall. Years pass with this pattern, to the point where their relationship is established, though only between the two of them.

Ajax has always made it a point to call Pierro “daddy” in front of his father as well, which mainly gets brushed off by his dad until one night, out of guilt and drunkenness, he goes to visit Pierro and his son in their little forest home.

What a mistake. First come the sounds carrying through the trees, muffles moans and yells and his father simply assumes perhaps they’re doing some sort of training to work out Ajax’s aggression, but when he sees no one outside, he looks through the window.

There lays his son on the bed, gripping the pillows and moaning as his old man’s dear friend plows into his sloppy and used up cunt. He moans that name over and over again. “Yes daddy!~” “Nnhhg!! Right there daddy!!” “Yes, daddy! Yes yes yes, daddy!!~ <3”

His father can’t tear his eyes away until Pierro’s head turns his direction and he bolts off into the forest. His father thinks of so many things that night. Just how long has Pierro been defiling his son? How long has this been going on? The worst part was, he didn’t feel a

hint of anger or sadness or anything for that matter. He should, Ajax is his son and Pierro was his friend whomst he should have considered betrayed his trust. Yet, he felt relieved more than anything that Ajax was no longer bothering him.

Their next meeting at the bar to talk about Ajax is more awkward on his father’s end though. Clearing his throat as he stares at his drink. “How has Ajax been doing?” He asks that night. “He’s doing well” Pierro responds, a smirk painting his lips.

That look always crosses his face, but Ajax’s father only really understands it now. “Though, he still needs more training.” He finishes, taking a sip of his drink. He should be disgusted, he should be angry, anything other than this numbness, but he fakely laughs.

“Good. Keeps him off my hands” he says, and he and Pierro clink their drinks together to that. “Don’t worry, I’m taking good care of him” Pierro responds.

There is. Definitely more but idk how fucked up I should be getting on the TL tbh 😩 anygays I hope you enjoyed 🤭 maybe I rlly will make this an actual fic at some point with all the extras the server knows about

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