One of the most important things that many guys tend to overlook... Is To Train Neck & Traps Here's everything you need to know 👇 THREAD

Having a Big Neck/Traps: Makes you look more masculine/aesthetic (& attractive to femaels) Makes you more resistant to head injury/concussion Helps your chin in combat sports Among a myriad of other benefits

and for some reason it gets overlooked by most guys So here is your actionable template that I've (@LogFitz6) used to build a big neck and help many clients

@LogFitz6 1. Posture Standing tall, looking up/forward, not down, with your chin "tucked" through daily life is one of the easiest ways to help build a big neck. especially during ANY lifting, because you have tension in your body

@LogFitz6 2. Traps Literally the only traps exercise I do is DB shrugs. that's it. However- when I do them- typically 4 sets of 12-15, HEAVY, and the key is to let them stretch/pullyour shoulders down slowly as far as you can, and pause at the top.

@LogFitz6 3. Neck Plate Raises do all 4 directions (front, back, side, side) and try to keep the chin tucked as you are doing them! we want to go slow and keep tension in the NECK muscle only (don 't cheat it!) get a towel for comfort too. (20 kg shown)

@LogFitz6 4. Neck Bridges A wrestler staple, you can go front, back, side, side, and then circles. @KdotUntamed breaks it down here

@LogFitz6 @KdotUntamed 5. You could also do "raises" with a harness (we don't even do so ourselves) but one of our clients, @NickLowary (high level BJJ athlete) also found using it on a cable pulley machine is extremely effective especially rotating.

@LogFitz6 @KdotUntamed @NickLowary 6. That's literally it. that is all we do. it works. Most things are simpler in health and fitness than people make it out to be. Progressively overload these exercises for time/reps/weight and watch your neck grow!

@LogFitz6 @KdotUntamed @NickLowary if you found this helpful, give the first tweet a RT! Have a great Friday 💪🏻

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