˚✧ cw/ #miyacest , miyacest , underage , Suna , Atsuosa , high school, Sunaatsu ✧༚ “Are you a shaft guy or a balls guy” Suna asked Osamu in a very serious tone, and this one just took a quick look at Atsumu “I am a taint kind of guy if I am honest” he said with a grin. +

“I don’t understand your question” Atsumu replied while tossing a volleyball and Suna just rolled his eyes “Is like a are you and ass or boobs guy” “Oh…” Atsumu stopped playing with the ball as if it was a serious matter what he was just asked +

“I am a balls guy myself since Osamus are so big that is my favorite part” he said smiling at Suna, who was trying to stay calm “they are so good, specially when I have them in my mouth sucking on them,” he whispered into Suna’s ear while this one was red as a tomato +

“I would show you how good I am but I don’t think Samu would like that Suna-rin” Atsumu licked his earlobe and proceeded to run away towards Osamu who was already leaving the school without him +

Suna just stood there trying to make sense of Atsumu confessing to him that he has sucked Osamus dick, and he is also trying to figure out why he was a raging erection from imagining Osamus balls hitting ‘Tsumu’s chin while he throat fuck hims Fin<3

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