Dropping some thoughts on @BattleFlyGame strategies ahead of the upcoming public mint and white paper release. I've already mentioned multiple times how important it will be to @Treasure_DAO and $MAGIC, so lets have a closer look on the latest leaks from the team. 1/

2/ Each Battlefly is unique and will have a core set of stats that can be altered by mods, levelling up, rarity and factions. These stats include (non-exhaustive): Overall: HP, HP Regen, Evasion Defensive: Shields, Shield Regen, Armor, Evasion Offensive: Critical Hit Chance

3/ Any gamer worth their salt will know that different metagames and builds will emerge over the course of time, and that to be successful, your team often has to either be the meta, or counter the meta. To optimise your chances of success, it is important to identify areas where

4/ diminishing returns start to set in, and to determine areas that synergise with each other. For example, it may not make much sense to focus heavily on HP Regen if your pool of HP is low as that may make you susceptible to burst damage. In the same vein, if teams that deal

5/ damage directly to a battlefly's hull are a common sight, it may not be the best idea to focus on your Shields and Shield Regen as they may be bypassed. An interesting trait is Armor as each point of armour block a single point of damage, which renders it suitable to deal

6/ with enemy battleflys that focus on a flurry of attacks with a high damage per second (DPS), as these attacks may be negated by a high enough Armor stat. If your concern is with avoiding enemies that rely on big, powerful attacks with high critical rates, then maybe your best

7/ play is the evasion stat, which increases your likelihood of dodging an attack. I'm sure that plenty of players and guilds have already brainstormed and prepared multiple strategies and ideas on maximising their Battlefly's effectiveness, and I'm eager to witness this

8/ firsthand. If anyone has any speculation or ideas as to how gameplay will work out in the upcoming genesis season for Battlefly, please feel free to drop a comment, I love discussing things like this.

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