ariana grande and bts interactions — a small thread

the most iconic one truly and it happened on a random day in january

when lomls became moots on twt

when we got ariana and jungkook interactions during swt concert

ariana wearing bt21 merch!

jungkook being the biggest arinator since debut :(

“am i ... am i in bts?” come here i'll give u the world ari

“we always want to collaborate with ariana” then give me the collab

taehyung listening to stuck with u

joon appreciating arianas album postions, hes the cutest ever

my mimi vibing to into you i love him so much

ari liking these tweets and we still got no collab im gonna cry

ariana having THE arikook pic as her lockscreen, shes so adorable :(

yes i know there are many more interactions but i just wanted to make a short thread of my favourite ones :)

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