Skts a/o Alpha kiyoomi who is perpetually horny. More so than the average alpha but hes had years since his teens to control it or ignore it altogether. Until omega atsumu comes in his life. Again. Fuck. He cant have constant boners now, not like at the training camp years ago.

Hes an adult now. But his dick seems to not care that he is grown, with other responsibilities than fantasizing a certain blond bending over the sink as his teenage self violently jacks off to it in the toilet.

Ironic. Thats exactly what hes doing right now. 23. With a fist on his knot as he remembers that atsumu came in with the most sinful training shorts to ever been made. His fat ass cheeks were practically spilling out.

Bending down a hundred times in kiyoomis face, shorts riding up more. Dangerous. God kiyoomi wants to literally put his face on his ass, if thats how atsumu wants to play.

Kiyoomi has came 3 times but like atsumu cant take a fucking break from being the sexiest, most delicious, mouth watering omega to ever walk in those sinful, sinful shorts, kiyoomis healthy, bachelor, cock would not rest.

At the other side, though. Atsumu actually has never been like this. He feels manic. Jumping at every upprtunity to slut himself out at kiyoomis presence. Its borderline powering. How atsumu has kiyoomi around his devious fingers. How kiyoomis (quite impressive) package+

could be seen miles away as atsumu lays down on the floor, leans on one of his hands. A show of exhaustion. Huffing and puffing as the collar pf the oversize shirt that he meticulously chose that morning slips down on one shoulder. Showing a slip of extra shoulder and collarbone.

Its not much. But atsumu knows. Knows how much kiyoomi is a thirsty, depraved, horny alpha for atsumu. And atsumu revels on it.

On the bench, kiyoomi shuffles and drapes a towel over his crotch. A futile attempt really. Kiyoomis hard on is too impressive. Atsumu licks his lips.

Atsumu is fucking obsessed with the attention. He doesnt plan on stopping anytime soon. If the alpha makes a move other than chubbing up at the sight of him however... Atsumu might put a pause. Or he might double it down. He hasnt decided yet.

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