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Dating is Sales Why Success With Women Transfers to Business THREAD

It was brought to my attention recently that my sales style is nearly identical to what the PUA-sphere calls the "Mystery Method" I was not shocked to learn this. After all, dating is sales - you're the product, girl is the prospect

Few realize... A business owner being cold called shares the same psychology of a woman being picked up on Let's look at some parallels between sales & dating

1. Standing Out Prospects are used to getting dozens of the same old cold calls and cold emails every day Beautiful women are used to getting hit on by dozens of average/boring losers every day By default, they are wired to "auto-reject"

You need to stand out and disrupt this filtering mechanism with something out of the ordinary

Sales examples: Pattern interrupt, controlling the frame, demonstrating authority

Dating Examples: IRL: Being jacked, tan, and well dressed Dating Apps/IG: funny pickup lines, pictures of you doing cool shit in cool places, etc

2. Perception of Value When a prospect or a woman perceives you as low value, they'll look for just about any reason to reject you Chasing after them (excessive communication) signals low value A high value chad makes girls and prospects chase him

Low value individuals are always free & accommodating "I'd love to! When are you free?" High value Chads have scarce availability "I can squeeze you in next week. You free Thursday at 11?"

3. Social Proof Case Studies are another integral aspect of success in dating and sales Sales: Showing a prospect case studies of similar companies you produced excellent results with. Solid social proof.

Dating: Girl sees you in the club with bottle service or getting attention from other hot girls. The original "case study"

Having no results to show prospect = too risky, will probably lose money Girl sees guy slamming redbull vodkas alone in the corner = too risky, probably a loser

4. Good Offer When you break it down, a good offer elevates the buyers status B2B customers buy a product that saves them time or makes them money, thus increasing their status in the organization Women choose to date men that can elevate their social status via association

If you guys find this interesting, show this thread some like & RT love and I'll be happy to do a deeper dive on sales/dating tactics

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