Mike (Niche Twins)

Mike (Niche Twins)



I learned how to start a #blog (now at 500,000+ pageviews and making $20,000/month) by watching FREE YouTube videos by Jim and Ricky at Income School. Here are the EXACT videos I started with... (11 videos, 2.5 hours total) ๐Ÿงต๐Ÿ‘‡

For whatever reason, Jim and Ricky kept popping up early on in my journey learning how to blog. As I watched more and more of their content, it just felt different from the other stuff out there. Two normal, down-to-earth people, simplifying SEO. PERFECT.

The foundational videos I will share cover the following topics: 1) Picking a niche 2) Keyword research 3) Writing a blog post 4) End-to-end execution of 1-3

I rewatched all of these today. Some are 3, 4 even 5 years old, and they STILL hold up! I continue to follow most of what I learned in these free videos some 2+ years ago. (There are a few things I disagree with that I'll call out)

Finally, there are a lot of different approaches to SEO, and MANY of them CAN be successful. Some may question the Income School approach, but it's hard to argue with results. And my results largely came from following their approach. It's 100% what got me started.

Ok, here we go: 1) Picking a niche: This is 4 years old, BUT their THOUGHT process as they work through different niche ideas in this video is GREAT. Listen CLOSELY to them as they work through each idea... ~13 min

Here is a more recent video from them on niche selection. NOTE: I am NOT saying use these niche ideas. Instead, figure out how to THINK about picking a GOOD niche! ~16 min

2) Keyword research Tips for using Google itself to find keywords, and determining how competitive that keyword is. Is the keyword you found even worth writing an article for? ~14min

NOTE: as you know, I disagree that keyword tools are "useless". I have found a TON of amazing keywords using the approach I describe here (going after low DR sites in my niche already ranking for keywords!)

Explaining the right thought process behind search intent, and putting yourself in the searcher's shoes. ~12 min

Jim and Ricky reveal an actual site and its top ranking keywords. It's always great when you can see a real world example of a site and the actual keywords that are ranking! ~16 min

3) How to write a blog post (playlist) Jim and Ricky go into depth about starting a post, structuring it, researching it, writing it, and hitting PUBLISH. 5 videos, ~1 hour

4) Pulling it all together This video is newer, but I like how it pulls the previous 1-3 steps together in a single go. ~20 min

5) Bonus video 9 questions new niche site creators ask ~39 minutes

That's it. If you understand what's communicated in these videos, you are off to a GREAT start. Yes, you will need to learn more. But this is the foundation that took me to where I am today, and it STILL works today!

UPDATE: the second niche video I meant to share was: (@elonmusk where the hell is the edit button?)

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