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Your mindset dictates your money. From negative net worth to millionaire in 10 years: Age 32 = -$62K Age 33 = -$48K Age 34 = +$8K Age 35 = +$78K Age 36 = +$172K Age 37 =+$330K Read below to find out how I did it. ⬇️

1. Tracked everything. When you write it all down, you see what you've got. I didn't know I was throwing away almost $16K a year in interest.

2. Sold things. I sold the duplex for $60K. (I live in a low-cost area in the US.)

3. Refinanced & used 0% credit card deals to lower my interest. Minimize the interest you are paying.

4. Lowered my expenses. You don't have to sacrifice everything, but you do need to prioritize what spending is most important to you.

5. Invested in my retirement. Take advantage of your employer's match and start investing today to experience compounding in your accounts.

6. Invested in non-retirement investment accounts and wasn't rushed. You can see that your checking account grows quickly when you have no debt payments. I originally put money in a short-term CD in order to give me time to learn about mutual funds, ETF's, and stocks.

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