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Boss Apple 🔞 came to play 🔞



This one is for my sakuatsu spirit guide, @birdbrainboke . Sakuatsu strangers who meet and grind it out on eachother on the train. NSFW. 🍎 Kiyoomi curses under his breath as another wave of passengers enters the train car.

He hates people. He hates people being close to him. He especially hates people touching him and not acknowledging his burning hatred for people touching him.

Normally, he wouldn’t even be here. On any other day, he would be cruising along in his little black sedan with the tinted windows and impeccably clean interior. But today, he is on his way home from dropping his little black sedan off to have the front brakes replaced.

Kiyoomi shuffles to the back of the train car to avoid the shuffling of bodies as the doors open once again.  He stares out the window at a crack in the cement walls of the tunnel outside as the crowd moves.

He leans his shoulders against the back of the train car; he’d chosen the last car in the line because he’d heard once that it tends to be less crowded, but it’s still too much for his tastes.

He’s doing his best to completely ignore the people moving around him. Apparently, he succeeds, because he doesn’t notice the man with the black cap until the stranger is right in front of him.

The black cap has a simplified icon of an onigiri on the front. Kiyoomi squints at it, trying to work out where he’s seen it before. The stranger doesn’t acknowledge him at all until a few more passengers squeeze in through the door and they are forced together against the wall.

“Sorry, sorry…” The stranger mutters. He puts a hand on the wall beside Kiyoomi’s waist and tries to push away, but someone behind the man swears at him for shoving. “Not much room in ‘ere, didn’t mean ta…”

The train lurches forward and Kiyoomi gets the breath knocked out of him when the stranger’s thigh slides between his own legs and right up against his cunt.

The stiff bill of the stranger’s hat bumps against Kiyoomi’s collarbone. Kiyoomi presses his hands flat against the wall behind him to try and ground himself, but squeezes his thighs together around the stranger’s leg instead.

The man freezes…is he still breathing? Did he notice? Kiyoomi feels his face flush hot in embarrassment. A few tense seconds pass between them. The man’s hand is still pressed to the wall beside Kiyoomi’s waist.

He sees the man jostle slightly when someone shifts and bumps into him, but he keeps himself planted where he is. He hears a heavy exhale, and then the man’s thigh shifts upward.

Kiyoomi’s stomach swoops and he thinks his heart just fell out of his ass. What is happening? The stranger’s thigh is the only part of him that’s moving. There’s not a single other point of contact between them. Kiyoomi could stop this if he wanted to.

He lifts his head and scans the crowd over the man’s shoulder. Noone is watching. They’re either staring at their phones, or reading books, or there’s a woman with a tiny dog zipped up into her coat. Nobody is looking at them.

Kiyoomi doesn’t know this man. But he knows he already feels warm arousal rolling out underneath his skin. He could take a chance here. Noone will know. Noone will know.

So he squeezes his thighs again and shifts his weight down. The man in front of him jolts like he wasn’t expecting it. His other hand flies out to cage Kiyoomi against the wall. Kiyoomi feels a surge of smug satisfaction at having taken this stranger by surprise.

They stay still together like this for another few moments before the man shifts forward and rests his forehead against Kiyoomi’s shoulder. Kiyoomi shifts his hips slightly, and sighs when he gets a tense roll of the stranger’s hips in return.

He can feel how affected the stranger is, too; a hot, hard bulge rubs up against Kiyoomi’s inner thigh. His head spins pleasantly, and suddenly, he feels /powerful/.

Warm, humid puffs of breath ghost across Kiyoomi’s collarbone as he grinds his hips forward against this stranger on the train. He sinks down slightly, pulls the man closer, and there it is, that’s the spot…

...his cunt fits so well across the broad, muscular thigh beneath him, and a stab of heat runs down his spine at the slick slide of his wet cunt between his legs.

His partner trembles slightly when Kiyoomi’s thigh presses against his bulge. Kiyoomi still hasn’t seen this man’s face yet, but he can see fluffy blonde hair starting to stick to his temples where it slips out from under his hat.

Suddenly, the train stops again. The two men freeze where they are. Kiyoomi tightens his grip on his partner’s hips and scans the crowd as people come and go. He makes eye contact with someone, but his nasty glare is enough to chase them to the far end of the train car.

The doors slide closed again, and as soon as the train starts moving, so does the stranger. He surges forward and presses Kiyoomi bodily up against the back of the train car. They are pressed together from knee to shoulder now, and the heat is electrifying.

Kiyoomi’s head falls back against the train car as the man rolls up into him with intent. They’re not playing coy, anymore, they both know exactly what’s happening here. They still haven’t touched eachother, not with their hands, at least. Kiyoomi gives a breathy chuckle.

He feels a soft smile against his shoulder, and then his eyes flutter shut as they find a rhythm together: slow, hard, and hopefully subtle. Kiyoomi wants the stranger to cum, but isn’t convinced it’s going to happen, so he chases his own pleasure against the this stranger.

It doesn't take long. He feels a tremble in his throat and a moan on his tongue. He can’t do that here, not in a place like this, so he presses his face against his partner’s temple and tries to muffle his whimpers in the fluffy blonde hair peeking out from under his hat.

Kiyoomi feels his partner curl forward around him and shudder. A few frantic movements later, and he stills completely. Their hands still haven’t moved from the wall behind Kiyoomi.

Kiyoomi sighs and lets his eyes flutter closed. They pass a few seconds in silence before this stranger has the nerve to speak. “Is this yer stop?” He asks breathlessly. “What?” “Is this, uh, this next one, is it yers?”

Kiyoomi cracks his eyes open and looks down at the man in front of him. Warm honey eyes look back at him, full of something he can’t place. “No.” He whispers. “Oh.” The man bites his lips. He looks anxious. “‘It’s, uh, not mine, either. But I’m gettin’ off here.”

Kiyoomi narrows his eyes at him, but doesn’t say anything. “Um…I’m gettin’ off here. And I’ll get on the next train that’s goin’ my way. Jus’ so we ain’t gotta be stuck here together an’…so it ain’t weird.” “It’s already weird.”

The stranger flinches at Kiyoomi’s tone. “Well, what I mean is, I don’ wanna follow ya home. ‘Cause that’d be weird. But uh…” He swallows. “Maybe we could get ta know eachother, y’know? If ya want, y’can get off with me, and we can…talk. An’ catch the next train. Later.”

Kiyoomi can’t help but scoff at that. He’s just ground one out on this man’s thigh in a crowded train car, and /now/ he’s going to be a gentleman?

The bell rings above their heads and the doors slide open. They maintain eye contact for a moment before the man slips away. Kiyoomi watches him go, considering. He slips out of the train car right behind the woman with her dog zipped up in her coat.


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