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Tej Dosa 😂🧠



Years ago, I heard Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) share the "15x affirmation" technique he used to become a famous cartoonist... ... on the Tim Ferriss Show. It sounded similar to something I used before, so I doubled down on it over the years... ... and here's what happened:

PHASE 1) School When I first discovered the technique, I was in school. Getting trash grades. So I decided to start here. Every morning, I'd wake up and write the following: I got A in [class #1], [class #2], [class #3], [class #4] 10-15x (always in past/present tense)

Results after the first semester? Here they are:

"Hmm probably just a coincidence" I thought - even though going from C student to mostly As was nothing less than a Christmas miracle for me (never got As before - besides gym class lol) But I didn't believe. Not yet. So I did it again. Next semester grades:

"Another coincidence... I just took 2 classes after all (was running online biz at same time lol)... one more test..." Grades after the next semester?

"WTF is going on?" My mom couldn't believe it, sister couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe it. But I kept at it. And graduated College with a 3.87 GPA. Proof here:

As this was happening, I started getting curious about other areas which brings us to... PHASE 2: Business "Hmm if it's working this well in school, I wonder what would happen in biz?"

At the time, I was failing over and over again in business with few wins here and there. But I needed consistency otherwise I'd be forced to get a "real" job after College. So I got to work with the aim of earning at least $50k/year (equivalent to pay from job after graduation)

Every morning, I'd write: "I easily make $50,000 USD/year with my online marketing agency" Three months later?

I landed 2 clients on retainer. One paying ~$2000 USD and the other paying ~$4000. Both in USD (I'm CDN), so with the conversions... I hit about ~$94k CDN that college year (exceeding the intention by quite a bit)

"Maaaaan wtf is happening!" I didn't know. But I kept at it... using it to create new income goals throughout the years such as:

"I easily make $20k/month" "I easily make $30k/month" "I easily make $40k/month" "I easily make $50k/month" "I easily make $60k/month" "I easily make $70k/month" "I easily make $80k/month" "I easily make $90k/month" "I easily make $100k/month"

And increasing it time and time again... after I hit the milestone and moved up the ranks... I also used it to create new promotion goals for every BIG copy project I wrote for clients/myself:

"I wrote [xyz copy] and it outperformed the existing control and generated at least $ x amount in revenue"

I also used it for brands I was helping build out for clients (and later for myself) such as: "I helped turn XYZ brand into the # 1 ClickBank brand under [x] niche"

I also used it to make the unlikely happen for clients: "I wrote xyz email for x RE client and we secured $500k in investment in less than 24 hours"

Heck, I also used it to start and grow this twitter account: "I grew my comedicbizman twitter account to 10k followers"

The results? All the above (and more) all came true. Which tripped my mind out so much that I couldn't keep it a secret any longer, so I moved onto...

PHASE 3) Sharing It With Others Mainly my sister (and later clients/friends/gf) who was taking the MCAT and needed a certain grade to pass. At the time, she was struggling - having taken the test numerous times without getting the grade she needed.

"Yo try this!" I told her. "I know it sounds strange, but wake up and write: "I got x score on the MCAT" 10-15x like Bart Simpson in detention and then study as you normally would. She didn't see the point at first. But she stuck with it (missing some days, but overall good)

And the results? She got that EXACT score on the MCAT, but of course she didn't think it was because of the technique. She thought it was because of her studying and maybe it was... I don't know.

But I've had a lot of fun turning words on a page into reality over the last decade (plus watching numerous friends do the same) by using this technique and highly recommend you try it for yourself. Worse case, it'll just remind you of your goals.

Best case, it'll turn your pen into a magic wand and prove to you that you're powerful beyond measure and reality is far more "impressionable" than you've been led to believe. Worth the effort - don't you think? I think so, but your call! :-)

P.S. No idea why this works (could just be "coincidence") - but it's fun to test Here's the original video of Scott sharing the technique: P.S.S. If you want to read about the latest experiments I'm running on myself, go here:

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