cw miyacest atsumu being so cocky as to suggest that noone, absolutely noone, could resist his charms and suna being the one to say "sure, except osamu of course" to which atsumu takes it up as a challenge to flirt and lay it on thick and sweet on osamu, not knowing what

particularly qualifies as a win, when to stop, what exactly is the limit of this experiment, because he's gaining way too much satisfaction at the way osamu accepts his touch easily, allows him to kiss the corner of his mouth, rewards him for carrying his backpack with his

favorite vending machine box drink from his own pocket money, throws himself on atsumu when he's laying on a couch, and even flirts back. at what point does atsumu stop? before or after he's pushing osamu into the side of the couch thigh against crotch? before or after osamu

grabs his ass and shoves his tongue down his throat? he's sure all that would warrant the win but he can't stop even when osamu says-- "well i gotta thank suna for this one." (maybe he stops when it actually registers moments later; that this was a whole set up)

he's not mad though

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