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4 years ago, I started learning English from scratch. Today, I write, read and speak it daily. Here are 7 key lessons about mastering a new skill, quickly.

#1. Get Specific To reach any goal in life, you need to know where you are heading. Be clear on that. Mine was to speak English like a native speaker. Minus the accent - I enjoy having an accent.

#2. Be Realistic Choose a skill that you can actually do. You are not going to become a NBA player if you are 70 years old or if you are 4ft tall.

#3. Immerse Yourself Live and breathe your new skill. Want to learn about a specific subject? Buy 10 books about it and read them. Want to play guitar? Buy a guitar and start practicing daily. When I decided to learn English, I joined a volunteer program abroad.

#4. Get SUPER Uncomfortable Be willing to get uncomfortable and receive feedback. Find ways to practice in public. While abroad, I hosted weekly presentations about sharks in schools - in English. I felt SO awkward, and I hated it. But I did it.

#5. Plateau Is A Thing I cannot tell you the number of times I've hit a plateau! It's frustrating. You just have to push forward. Suddenly, you'll realize you are 10x further than you thought you were.

#6. Never Stop Trying Do something *daily* that'll bring you closer to your goal. Even if it's small. After I came back from my trip abroad, I started doing all of these things in English: • Listening to podcasts • Reading • Journaling my thoughts • Watching movies

#7. Question Everything To keep evolving, you need to stay curious. For example, if I'm wondering in which instance we say "that" or "this", I Google it.

TL;DR - 7 key lessons about mastering a new skill, quickly • Get specific • Be realistic • Immerse yourself • Get SUPER uncomfortable • Plateau is a thing • Never stop trying • Question everything

That's it for today - thanks for reading. Follow me @emihartung for more on self-improvement, online writing & the creator economy.

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