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Before I begin my thread, I would recommend for people those have farmhouse or houses in villages and rural areas, it would be best to leave Delhi sometime in the next week. Quarantines can be imposed on Delhi as well, and then you might not even have the option to.

First and foremost thing you need is a mask. The mask is the most important thing which will help you from the Coronavirus. Here's an image which gives you an easy explanation as to which masks are the best for COVID-19. I personally recommend 3M masks with particulate filters.

In addition to the masks, you need eye protection as well as Coronavirus can infect you through the membrane of your eyes. Believe it or not, swimming goggles are probably the best protection in this regard, as they are air tight and protect your eyes.

You also need gloves, and not just any kind, nitrile gloves are probably the best solution for hand protection, if you do not have gloves. Wash your hands, use sanitizer, and DO NOT under any circumstance touch your face unless you have done so.

You would also need disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray to decontaminate your mask, your goggles etc. The virus can live upto surfaces for at least 48 hours and as long as six days in hot climates. The colder it is in your area, the more the virus can live on a surface.

Now, let's talk about food and water. It is highly recommended to buy non-perishable items like rice and lentils in bulk 10-15kg per person in the event of a quarantine which would disallow you to buy groceries for your family. Canned food, nuts are also recommended.

Medicines:- Buy medicines in bulk for any prior disease or condition you suffer from. 70% of medical compounds come from China and there WILL be a shortage eventually. Get ahead of this and buy what you need to live your daily life in bulk.

Vitamin C, D and Zinc supplements are highly recommended as they boost your immune system. Chloroquine, which is a Malaria Anti-Viral has shown to be effective in the early stages of COVID-19. Also buy broad-spectrum antibiotics like Amoxicillin. Buy Expectorants.

Just remember, never to panic, you should stock your home with every essential you need and should be prepared to at least survive the situation if you are to be quarantined in your home for a month. This sounds very over dramatic. But it is a possible scenario. Good luck.

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