How to react to provocative people and make them look like fools. -Thread-

In any given social circle, there will be people that will try to put you down just for the sake of it Those petty power games are attempts to trigger your emotional side and diminish your value. At all times, remain calm and composed.

When someone is trying to put you down by making fun of you Laughing about it might look like the easiest way to cope but by doing so you allow them to go on The best thing to do in such situations is to force a heavy silence and give the person an insisting stare

Once the silence makes everyone uncomfortable, it is time to answer In order to make their words valueless, you will rephrase what they just said as a question Show that it's nonsense. BUT don't expect an answer, as they start answering look elsewhere, talk to someone else

The point is that once you ask that question; you ignore them for the rest of the time you'll spend with them Acting like the person just doesn't exist will make them question themselves Do not give in to their petty games. Be above everything.

This process allows you to: -Silence everyone and give value to your words -Diminish the person using their own words -Control your emotional reactions and stay in control of yourself -Signal to everyone that you don't fuck around Stay calm but dont let anyone step on your toes

Listen, provocations are attempts to manipulate you. If the manipulator can get to your emotional side; they won. But! You can save yourself a lot of trouble and protect yourself from manipulation. How? @DentesLeo and I have made it EASY Check MWS:

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