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cw// INCEST, dubcon, somno, omegaverse, unsafe sex, mpreg, feminine terms for genitalia miyacest/osaatsu (hq!!) atsumu knows that his brother isn't supposed to stay in is bed anymore. does it happen anyway? absolutely. ever since they both presented, thoughโ€”

atsumu as an alpha, osamu an omegaโ€”it's been excruciatingly difficult to tell his brother 'no'. so, of course, most nights osamu sneaks in bed with him anyway, once their parents are asleep. it's a normal enough thing for them, sharing space like thisโ€”

a comfort, privilege, and necessity all rolled into one. tonight ends up different, though, and fast. osamu had passed out early, a comparatively small variance from their usual night-owl tendencies, so atsumu had snuggled right up. gotta keep warm after all, right?

the strangeness continues: atsumu wakes to his brother, dead asleep, squirming through a nightmare. they've both sweat through the sheets, and the first lungfull of air has atsumu hard in his boxers. great. osamu wasnt supposed to be here at all, and now he's in heat...

...and in an alpha's bed, unmated and smelling like coffee-flavored hard candy. "'samu, wake up," atsumu tries. osamu moans, hips pushing back to where atsumu is spooning him. wet heat seeps through, the thin fabric of osamu's sleep shorts clinging to the mess they hide.

he smells fuckin' incredible. caramel coffee, with a bite of orange peel to the back of the throat. bitter salty-sweet. addictive. atsumu can't help the way his hips tilt forward on their own, pressing the underside of his cock against his brother's wet pussy. the friction

drives him half-mad with only the implication. he should wake osamu up. be the responsible one. hell, leave. lock the door behind him and run off the rut he can feel creeping up behind his eyes. but. just a taste can't hurt. atsumu gets his brother's shorts down, and the

scent of him spreads even further, no longer held back by any flimsy barrier. can taste it in the airโ€”atsumu's self control shivers apart like glitter in the wind. atsumu feels at osamu's pussy, sticky-slick and absolutely perfect. one finger, two, three, they all go in so easy.

osamu moans, deep in his chest, loud enough that atsumu has to make sure he's still asleep. good. so good. one lick, and the taste of him shoots through atsumu like lightning. *Mine. Omega. Mate.* he's got his cock lined up between breaths, hot against the back of osamu's

neck. his brother's dream must be better now, hips twitching, face peaceful. asleep, except for his cunt. that part of osamu is wide awake, dripping over the curve of his ass like melting ice cream. atsumu's cock goes in quick, silent, and subconscious. unintentional, really.

he fucks into that sweet cunt over and over, hips stuttering as his brain flips between *Omega. Perfect MINE.* and *i need to stop right now*. his alphan instincts are born for competition though, and before long, he's hissing, stimulation bordering painful, as he

pops a knot in his twin brother like he's getting paid for it. *mine. omega. pups. ours.* his alpha is quieter now, which, upshots of fucking his brother pregnant, he guesses. meanwhile, osamu snoozes away, none the wiser, pussy full of cum. sweet dreams, 'samu.

GOD that was a fucking novel but its done @translemons69 ๐Ÿ‘€ #miyacest #atsuosa

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