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#miyacest, virgin Atsumu Osamu fucking Atsumu for the first time is hard and rough, merciless and unforgiving. Atsumu's never had cock like this before, crying out in both pain and pleasure. He's not sure if he likes or dislikes it but he sure as hell knows that he wants more.

More of Osamu's thick cock filling him up, of Osamu's presence looming over him in general. He just can't seem to get enough as Samu pounds into him from behind, pulling on his arms to give Samu more leisure. He wants to touch himself so badly but his brother isn't leyting him.

"Yer gonna cum only from my cock" Samu exclaims through the grunts and moans slipping past his lips. Atsumu can't help but whine through the whole thing, his cock hard so hard it hurts, but he doesn't complain when Samu is making his feel so good he could die.

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