Artificial scarcity for digital media is a failed attempt at bringing physical media online. Serfdom Platforms (ig, yt) have done this forever, at the cost of true creator equity. There's now a new value system for media: owned by creators and impossible to suppress. ꩜

The new system requires a mental inversion of the role of online platforms. Traditionally, platforms attracted users via exclusivity deals, i.e. content that you couldn't find (legally) anywhere else.

This attempt at suppressing information via exclusivity deals has failed, resulting in counter-platforms like Limewire, youtube-dl, Napster, etc. In fact, the more a platform would try to suppress content, the more likely you'd be able to find a leaked version online somewhere.

Most importantly, the battle between platform and counter-platform continually left out or undercut the most important part of content creation: the Creators. Bad Deals By Big Cos have gaslit us into thinking the creation of content needs tiny or no rewards for the creator.

We finally have the tools to make a new system for creators. This system, owned by creators, accrues value to media via cultural impact. By its very nature, the system cannot suppress any creations. In fact, it requires it to be entirely free to consume.

NFTs are the first tool of this system: they provide truly unique content that has an auditable record of creation and ownership. NFTs -> Record of Creator, Ownership, Media. With a ledger of media, creators, and owners, we now have entirely free media to consume and share.

The next tool in the system allows the value of this media to be captured.

The new media value system relies on cultural impact. Creators must be rewarded ad infinitum, collecting the value of their work over time, as it moves with the culture it lives in.

The new media value system relies on freely accessible content. Platforms must shift their models, focusing less on the exclusivity of media and more on the curation they can provide their users.

The new media value system relies on ownership. Collectors are now able to own the work that is meaningful to them. They can try to purchase it early if they think the work will become iconic, or they can purchase it later if it's had a significant impact on them.

The new media value system will be the start of the Internet Renaissance. We've finally built the composition of this system with @ourZORA. It will not be the Internet Renaissance in and of itself, but we believe it is a much needed catalyst.

The Digital Renaissance will require an entire ecosystem of tools and culture. If you believe in a new ecosystem owned by creators and communities, and want to help us build it with Zora, DM ☼☽

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