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In recent days, there have been discussions on SM about the number of Madrassas in Kerala. It was then that I felt the need for a more in-depth study of the subject and the need to pass on some of the knowledge gained accordingly. 1- Total population of Kerala: 3,56,99,443.

2 - Muslim population in Kerala: 88,73,472. (26%) 3 - Number of Madrasas in Kerala: 21,683. 4- Number of Madrasa Teachers in Kerala: 2,04,683. 5- Number of Panchayats in Kerala: 941.

6- The average number of madrasas in a panchayat is (21,683/941) = 23 madrasas. NB: More than one madrassa per panchayat. 7- Salary of a Madrasa teacher = 25,000/- per month (excluding those earning Rs 300 per hour)

8- Salary paid by the exchequer for one month Madrasa teachers: (2,04,683x 25,000) = 511,70,75,000. ₹ 512 core per month . 9- One month pension for Madrasa teachers (implemented by Pinarayi Govt): 6,000 x 2,00,000 = 120,00,00,000. ₹ 120 core

10- Total one month madrasa salary and pension payable from the exchequer: (511,70,75,000 + 120,00,00,000) = 631,70,75,000 / - ₹ 632 core

11- Expenditure on Madrasa Salary and Pension in Kerala for one year (631,70,75,000 x 12) = ₹7580,49,00,000 (Seven thousand five hundred and eighty crore NB) With the size of the number, an error will be displayed.

Credit to: Minister of Higher Education - KT Jalil Presented in the Assembly. Now a question to secular minds, what is so special about this peaceful community that you do not have?

The hard earned money of Tax payer is being misused in this manner. Should this injustice still be allowed? The only word to say to those who say Kerala is secular soil! Kerala is not secular, it is a land of religious madness. Think and act on this injustice 🙏🏼

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