#Sakuatsu word babble Sometimes I think about what if Sakusa and Atsumu became friends because both have bitchy attitudes. Like one day Suna, Komori, and Osamu walk by them flirting and holding hands not a care in the world.

Atsumu and Sakusa just stood their broken apart from their glaring contest just to make grossed out faces at the three. "Their fucking disgusting" Sakusa scowls turning away first holding back a gag. "I know your lucky ya don't live with two of em."

"Komori lives a couple of houses down he's gross when it comes to them" And that's were they realized maybe they weren't that much different. After that they hung out more picked on the couple and gossiped about people they hate.

When Sakusa decided to go to college and Atsumu went straight to his professional volleyball they didn't see each other as much, though that didn't stop them from daily phone calls and small text. They didn't realize they had fallen for each other throughout the years.

Atsumu didn't realize how much he missed the small conversations in person small touches little giggles. Sakusa missed Atsumus bright eyes and contagious smile. He missed them fourth and fifth wheeling making fun of other people...

Some day we'll see each other again. . . . Kiyoomi joins MSYB cause atsumu was there and they were really good but mainly because Atsumu was there. "Welcome your new Team-mate Sakusa kiyoomi" immediate Sakusa was scanning his new teammates he'd met some personally+

And some he's seeing for the first time. Then there was The pretty platinum blonde hair all nice for a day of practice...his jersey looked good on him. His heart thummed against his chest his fingers grasped his bag.

"I'm pleasure to be joining the team" Sakuda does a bow and everyone comes to greet him. When everyone was done most went back to practice except for one who hadn't said hello yet. "Omi?"

A shiver went down his back His voice was different more smooth deeper and not as soft as when he was younger. "Hey Atsu" the stared at each other neither dared to make a move. "Can I hug ya omi?" Kiyoomi opened up his arms and let atsumu run into them. This felt nice...

Atsumu never lost his warmth that emitted from his body. He smelled of lavender and honey kiyoomi's favorite scent. "I missed ya omi." His arms tightened around him his head leaned against the soft bead of hair. "Yeah, I missed you too"

"More than I thought I would"

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