#sakuatsu meet cute at a museum Atsumu is third wheeling with his brother and boyfriend suna. Sakusa is dragged out by his cousin for some 'family bounding'. Atsumu is tasked as the designated photographer for sunaosa's date. +

They keep asking him to take photos in front of paintings and sculptures and other artworks. Sakusa is the same. Komori is an active Instagram user and wants all those ✨aesthetic pics✨ so he asks Sakusa to take candid pics of him while "casually looking at paintings" +

The two of them meet in front of this large mural. Sunaosa and Komori have been waiting for the other tourists and visitors to finish taking pics. (because they both dont want stragglers in their pics) When the crowd have started to thin, the three of them all race +

to the middle of the mural. An argument ensues on whether whose turn is it to take a pic. Who got there first and who's been waiting longer. Meanwhile the two designated photographers stand a few feet away from them, looking exasperated and tired +

from being dragged around to take pics. "Hey. Is that your boyfriend?" Atsumu asks the pretty stranger. The other man frowns. "That's my insufferable cousin who I'd rather not be related with right now." Atsumu smiles, charming and sweet. "Wanna ditch these weirdos?" +

"Take me away. Please," the pretty stranger says. So they make their escape while the three continue to argue. "I'm Atsumu, by the way. Official third wheel of my brother and his date," Atsumu introduces. +

"Sakusa Kiyoomi. Designated photographer of my wannabe IG influencer cousin." Atsumu and Sakusa roam the halls of the museum, visiting one gallery to the next, browsing painting after painting. They talk a little bit. About themselves. About the paintings. About things. +

"You know, I never really got the hype about museums," Atsumu says in one room full of portrait paintings. "But now I kinda do. The artworks really are amazing, isn't it?" But he isn't looking at any of the artworks on the wall. Instead, he's looking +

at the curly-haired stranger, with twins moles on top of his right eyebrow. He's beautiful and ethereal and Atsumu might be in love. "They really are," Sakusa replies, looking back at Atsumu. +

And when their camera rolls start to fill up with pictures of each other instead, well, that's no one's business but theirs. Maybe they even go out to eat after, not caring what happened to the company they initially came here with.

//end i visited a museum yesterday with my friends and i was the designated photographer hahaha i didnt meet any pretty strangers tho :( anyway, hope you liked this! ❤️

sorry for the typo 😭 that was supposed to be "bonding"

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