Do you want to celebrate Halloween by watching The X-Files, but don’t know where to start? Here’s a thread that groups episodes together based on different horror genres 🎃👻👽🤡🔪🩸

Episodes about Cults Genderbender (1x14) Red Museum (2x10) Die Hand Die Verletzt (2x14) Our Town (2x24) The Field Where I Died (4x05) Signs and Wonders (7x09) Roadrunners (8x04) Via Negativa (8x07) Nothing Lasts Forever (11x09)

Episodes that feature Body Horror Squeeze (1x03) F. Emasculata (2x22) Home (4x02) Sanguinarium (4x06) SR 8.1.9 (6x09) Roadrunners (8x04) Badlaa (8x10) Hellbound (9x08) Nothing Lasts Forever (11x09)

Episodes that feature a Contagion Ice (1x08) F. Emasculata (2x22) El Mundo Gira (4x11) The Pine Bluff Variant (5x18) My Struggle II (10x06)

Episodes with Technological Horror Ghost in the Machine (1x07) Blood (2x03) Wetwired (3x23) Unusual Suspects (5x03) Kill Switch (5x11) First Person Shooter (7x13) This (11x02) Rm9sbG93ZXJz (11x07)

Episodes with Paranormal Elements Shadows (1x06) Space (1x09) Young at Heart (1x16) Born Again (1x22) Excelsis Dei (2x11) The List (3x05) Elegy (4x22) How the Ghosts Stole Christmas (6x06) Sein Und Zeit/Closure (7x10/11) Hollywood A.D. (7x19) The Truth (9x19/20)

Episodes that feature the Occult/Witchcraft/Satan Die Hand Die Verletzt (2x14) Fresh Bones (2x15) The Calusari (2x21) Syzygy (3x13) Revelations (3x11) Hell Money (3x19) Sanguinarium (4x06) Chinga (5x10) Terms of Endearment (6x07) Orison (7x07) Theef (7x14) Familiar (11x08)

Episodes that deal with Misogyny/Violence Against Women Duane Barry/Ascension/One Breath (2x05/6/8) Excelsis Dei (2x11) Aubrey (2x12) Irresistible (2x13) 2Shy (3x06) Unruhe (4x04) Emily (5x07) Orison (7x07)

Episodes with Psychological Horror/Paranoia Ice (1x08) Irresistible (2x13) Grotesque (3x14) Pusher (3x17) Wetwired (3x23) The Pine Bluff Variant (5x18) Folie à Deux (5x19) Drive (6x02) Field Trip (6x21) X-Cops (7x12) Redrum (8x06) 4D (9x04) Familiar (10x08)

These episodes have some of The X-Files’ best monsters! Squeeze/Tooms (1x03/21) The Host (2x02) Humbug (2x12) Die Hand Die Verletzt (2x14) Home (4x02) Leonard Betts (4x12) Post-Modern Prometheus (5x05) Chinga (5x10) Mulder and Scully Meet the Weremonster (10x03) Familiar (11x08)

Do you want to avoid Tricks and just enjoy Treats? Here are episodes of The X-Files that aren’t scary. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose (3x04) Jose Chung (3x20) Bad Blood (5x12) Dreamland (6x01/02) How the Ghosts Stole Christmas (6x06) The Rain King (6x08) Je Souhaite (6x21)

Episodes that feature classic horror monsters (…at least as far as Mulder’s concerned) Werewolf (Shapes 1x19, X-Cops 7x12) Vampires (3 2x07, Bad Blood 5x12) Zombies (Millennium 7x05) Frankenstein (Post Modern Prometheus 5x05) The Jersey Devil (Jersey Devil 1x05)

Episodes that feature Governmental Conspiracies Nisei/731 (3x09/10) Jose Chung’s From Outerspace (3x20) Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man (4x07) Gesthemane/Redux (4x24/5x01/02) Unusual Suspects (5x03) The Pine Bluff Variant (5x18) Drive (6x02) Kitten (11x06)

Do you want to watch episodes with other horror icons? Here’s a thread that details episodes either based off other horror franchises or that include famous horror actors.

Episodes with aliens (or so they say) Part 1 Pilot (1x01) Conduit (1x04) Fallen Angel (1x10) E.B.E. (1x17) The Erlenmeyer Flask (1x24) Little Green Men (2x01) Duane Barry (2x05) Ascension (2x06) Anasazi/The Blessing Way/Paper Clip (2x25/3x01/02) Nisei/731 (3x09/10)

Episodes with aliens (or so they say) Part 2 Jose Chung’s From Outerspace (3x20) Tempus Fugit/Max (4x17/18) Gesthemane (4x24) Patient X/Red and the Black (5x13/14) The Beginning (6x01) Two Fathers/One Son (6x11/12) The Unnatural (6x19) Requiem (7x22) This is Not Happening (8x14)

Episodes with serial killers Lazarus (1x15) Aubrey (2x12) Irresistible (2x13) 2Shy (3x06) Grotesque (3x14) Pusher (3x17) Home (4x02) Unruhe (4x04) Paper Hearts (4x10) Elegy (4x22) Tithonus (6x10) 4D (9x04) Mulder and Scully Meet the Weremonster (10x03)

Episodes with Mulder in peril Beyond the Sea (1x13) Anasazi (2x25) Grotesque (3x14) Pusher (3x17) Oubliette (3x18) Paper Hearts (4x10) Tunguska/Terma (4x08/09) Demons (4x23) Kitsunegari (5x08) Kill Switch (5x11) Folie à Deux (5x19) Requiem (7x22) This is Not Happening (8x14)

Episodes with Scully in peril Genderbender (1x14) Lazarus (1x15) Duane Barry/Ascension/One Breath (2x05/6/8) Irresistible (2x13) Unruhe (4x04) Never Again (4x13) Memento Mori (4x14) Redux I/II (5x01/02) Patient X/Red and the Black (5x13/14) Orison (7x07) Roadrunners (8x04)

Episodes with psychics (or “psychics”) Beyond the Sea (1x13) Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose (3x04) Oubliette (3x08) Syzygy (3x13) Paper Hearts (4x10) Chinga (5x10) Sein Und Zeit/Closure (7x10/11) Invocation (8x05) X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008) My Struggle III (11x01)

Episodes with creepy kids Eve (1x11) Young at Heart (1x16) The Calusari (2x21) Chinga (5x10) Invocation (8x05) Scary Monsters (9x14)

Do you have children and want to feel anxious about it? Watch these Conduit (1x4) Oubliette (3x8) Paper Hearts (4x10) Christmas Carol/Emily (5x06/07) All Souls (5x17) The Goldberg Variation (7x6) Sein Und Zeit/Closure (7x10/11) Invocation (8x5) Release (9x17) Familiar (11x08)

Do you enjoy the creepy ambiance of The X-Files, but you want to see two sexy FBI agents fall in love? Part 1 (I could list every episode) Pilot (1x01) Ice (1x08) One Breath (2x08) Pusher (3x17) Memento Mori (4x14) Gesthemane/Redux I & II (4x24/5x01/02) Detour (5x04)

Mulder and Scully falling in love while fighting crime. Part 2 (Again, not comprehensive) Post Modern Prometheus (5x5) Folie à Deux (5x19) Triangle (6x3) How the Ghost Stole Christmas (6x6) The Rain King (6x8) Arcadia (6x15) Milagro (6x18) The Unnatural (6x19) Field Trip (6x21)

Mulder and Scully are the spooky OTP Part 3 Amor Fati (7x2) Millennium (7x4) all things (7x17) Hollywood A.D. (7x19) Je Souhaite (7x21) Requiem (7x22) Per Manum (8x13) Existence (8x21) The Truth (9x19/20) Plus One (11x03) Forehead Sweat (11x04) Nothing Lasts Forever (11x09)

Do insects and parasites make you uncomfortable? These episodes won’t help! Ice (1x8) Darkness Falls (1x20) Humbug (2x20) War of the Coprophages (3x12) Folie à Deux (5x19) Fight the Future (1998) The Sixth Extinction (6x1) Brand X (7x18) Roadrunners (8x4) Lord of the Flies (9x5)

Here are episodes that feature dangerous animals! Fearful Symmetry (2x18) Teso Dos Bichos (3x18) Quagmire (3x22) Agua Mala (6x13) Alpha (6x16) Chimera (7x16) Patience (8x03) Mulder and Scully Meet the Weremonster (10x03)

Are you a big fan of LGBTQIA+ representation in horror? There’s not a lot in txf, but here’s a few eps X-Cops (7x12) all things (7x17) Founder’s Mutation (10x2) Mulder and Scully Meet the Weremonster (10x3) Honorary The Red and The Black (5x14) -Krycek literally kisses Mulder

Comedic Horror Episodes Part I Humbug (2x20) Clyde Bruckman… (3x4) War of the… (3x12) Syzygy (3x13) Jose Chung… (3x20) Small Potatoes (4x20) Post Modern… (5x5) Chinga (5x10) Bad Blood (5x12) Triangle (6x3) Dreamland (6x4/5) How the Ghosts… (6x6)

Comedic Horror Episodes Part II Rain King (6x8) Agua Mala (6x13 Arcadia (6x15) Goldberg Varia. (7x6) Amazing Maleeni (7x8) X-Cops (7x12) Hollywood A.D. (7x19) Je Souhaite (7x21) Lord… (9x5) Improbable (9x13) Sunshine Days (9x18) Mulder & Scully Meet… (10x3) Lost Art… (11x4)

“Omg, I didn’t know they were in The X-Files!” Seth Green 1x2 Felicity Huffman 1x8 Tony Shalhoub 2x23 Jack Black 3x3 Ryan Reynolds 3x13 Lucy Liu 3x19 Alex Trebek 3x20 Jodie Foster 4x13 Lily Tomlin, Ed Asner 6x6 Luke Wilson 5x12 Shia LaBeouf 7x6 Kathy Griffin 7x20 Jane Lynch 9x5

If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad (or trying to convince a Breaking Bad fan to give the show a chance), that show has a very long and intricate history with The X-Files. Check out all the parallels in this thread

Horrors of Religion / Religious Trauma Miracle Man (1x17) Revelations (3x11) All Souls (5x17) The Sixth Extinction (7x01/02) Orison (7x07) Signs and Wonders (7x9) Hellbound (9x8) I Want to Believe (2008) Babylon (10x5)

Episodes where Mulder and Scully both almost die Darkness Falls (1x20) Die Hand Die Verletzt (2x14) Død Kalm (2x19) Gesthemane/Redux I&II (4x24-5x1/2) Detour (5x4) Fight the Future (1998) Monday (6x14) Field Trip (6x21) Plus One (11x3) Rm9 (11x7)

Historical 1930s Triangle (6x3) 1940s The Unnatural (6x19) 1950s Travelers (5x15) 1960s Kitten (11x6) 1980s Unusual Suspects (5x03) Misc | Nostalgia The Field Where I Died (4x5) Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man (4x7) Sunshine Days (9x18) Lost Art … (11x4)

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