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and then here’s the sillier thing i threw together for #miyacestober2022 day 20: publicity stunt ❤️ MIYA ATSUMU RESPONDS TO VIRAL MOMENT: KISSING HIS BROTHER IN CELEBRATION

Just last week, professional V-League player Miya Atsumu and twin brother/restaurateur Miya Osamu took the world—and social media—by storm when they kissed at the end of record breaking Emperor's Cup match wherein Miya Atsumu’s team, the MSBY Black Jackals, won the championship.

Amid cheers from the stadium and team celebration, Miya Atsumu had been seen sprinting over to the sidelines where his brother waited, cheering him on. The brothers seemed to embrace, sharing brief words before pulling each other into a kiss.

While some fans online claimed it was just a deeper hug, cameras from the event and fans alike caught how the brothers clearly kissed—directly on the lips. Some responded with disgust, others apprehension, some claiming this seemed normal to them.

Regardless of reaction, everyone had something to say—including one Miya Atsumu who, less than an hour after his monumental win, was recorded responding to one fan questioning the moment with, “I’m just so in love with my brother right now!” before leaving with his team.

The twins have been at the front of scrutiny since; old images resurfacing as social media calls the nature of their relationship into question. While Miya Osamu does not have much of a social media presence and did not respond to our request for a statement, Miya Atsumu did.

“It was just heat of the moment, y’know?” Miya tells us. “A big life moment for me and the other guys, too. And when somethin’ big happens, who doesn’t want to share that with their loved ones?”

When told most family members don’t celebrate by kissing on the lips, Miya laughs. “Maybe, but I think you’d be surprised. Lotta people grow out of it though, I guess. Samu—my brother—and I have always been real close though.”

This isn’t in question. Photos and videos from their high school days resurfaced among more recent ones. The twins have seemingly always been close, though nothing of this caliber has been recorded previously. Miya was presented with some photos.

These included photos of the twins over the years, some talked about heavily and some not. Among them was a photo of the twins holding hands in public—the duration of this moment is unknown. Another included an embrace and forehead touch at the grand opening of Onigiri Miya.

“I fail to see the issue with these.” Miya responded. “To answer the question you haven’t asked, all that exists between Samu and I is purely brotherly love. It’s a shame that these moments come with so much scrutiny when it’s just us showing affection.”

“I think it speaks to some deeper issues with society, y’know?” Miya muses. “People talk a lot about fragile masculinity and all that, but when two men are comfortable showing affection it’s undermined by people over analyzing their every interaction to prove somethin’,

especially when there’s nothin’ to prove. We’re literally brothers, but you're showing pictures of us hugging like that’s a crime. Ain’t that a shame?” Miya is reminded of the specific moment that brought this about, but he waves it off.

“Like I said, we’re real close and it was heat of the moment. Want me to apologize for it? I don’t see the need. People can say what they want about it, but that’s all it was. Not like there was tongue or nothing, just a quick celebratory kiss that happened to be on the lips.”

Miya seems to be at peace with the scrutiny following them, with nothing more to say on the topic. Though the photos are somewhat questionable, we would like to remind readers to respect both twins’ privacy, though we cannot stop rumors or conjecture. ___

Osamu throws his phone to the bed once he finishes reading the article. “‘Deeper issues with society’? Did your PR agent help you with that one?” “Shut up, scrub, I can be eloquent when I wanna be!” Atsumu huffs from next to him.

Osamu snorts. “And what about the ‘pure brotherly love’ part? You think it’s particularly brotherly when my dick is in ya?” “‘Course I do,” Atsumu wiggles his eyebrows, mischievous grin plastered to his face. “That’s what makes it hot.”

Osamu rolls his eyes at his brother’s antics, but he pulls Atsumu into a kiss regardless. And since there aren’t any cameras around them this time, he even uses tongue. “Just keep me out of your stupid stunts next time.” fin.

anyone else in this thread remember when angelina jolie kissed her brother and said she was so in love with him atm. crazy times! anyway i think that would be a funny scenario for the twins… AND it keeps them in the news 😉

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