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Jordan Lee



Over this past year, I built a business from scratch that has already hit multiple 100k+ months with 70% margins Here’s 10 key things that have helped me get there:

1. Peace of mind and a healthy body The better your mind, the better your business. Treat your mind like royalty. Also, take care of your body. The sick millionaire envies the poor man in perfect health.

2. Trust & Relationships No human is designed to be a lone wolf We're hardwired to spend life around other people Use this to your advantage Surround yourself with those on the same path as you Nothing's more powerful than hunting as a brotherhood and sharing what you kill

3. Accountability of team members & others That group of people isn't very powerful without accountability & there's a word for those who take no accountability: Slackers. A group is only as strong as its weakest member So if you want to go far, slackers can't be tolerated

4. To be fair, respected, drive equality and diversity Treat others as you’d like to be. Don’t reward bad behaviour. See past physical appearances. Be objective.

5. Not needing to be liked In business, likeability is overrated. The goal is to be respected. Respect drives results.

6. Having the difficult conversation and being comfortable with discord Don’t avoid saying what needs to be said. It’s not fair on anyone. Challenge with respect and be comfortable with constructive conflict. Smooth seas don’t make skilful sailors.

7. Focus on client results and not your own success & ego Look at Jeff Bezos, richest man in the world. Why? His obsession around delivering the best customer experience. Then he built an A Team to deliver on the vision.

8. Clarity and communication are key to successful relationships Ever played a game of Chinese whispers? Yeh imagine that, but your entire business is on the line. One poor piece of communication is devastating for the business. Communicate as often and as clearly as possible

9. You can’t grow a business alone, it’s about recruiting A Team Players and empowering them. An A Team player is worth 3 X a B team and 10 X a C Team Player. An A Team will free you up. B & C will make you busier.

10. Having fun, smiling and laughing everyday. Make money to serve you, not make you miserable. No matter how hard you’re working, never forget to enjoy life. Smile, laugh and be grateful for the journey!

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